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Remove Referer (also for JavaScript)
Dec. 31, 2013, 10:47 AM (This post was last modified: Dec. 31, 2013 11:12 AM by neverwasinparis.)
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Remove Referer (also for JavaScript)
here is a user script that removes the browser referer if you click on a link on a selected site. no matter if the site is encrypted or not. very useful on search engines to not send your search phrases to result servers. so some of them are included by default.,,,,,,,
you can add another sites. (does not have to be a search engine.) open the script with notepad and add the url at the top and reinstall the script. keep in mind that removing the referer on every site makes you easier to track. there are not many users without referers. and some sites would break. so remove it only on selected sites.

the script adds the attribute 'rel' with the value 'noreferrer' to any link. that's HTML5 technology.

to install it in Chrome download the file, open extension tab and drag & drop the file on it.
other browsers do not support this attribute yet, 'cause they Mad with Teeth. maybe in the future, maybe...

it's possible to use Proxomitron instead to inject this script. but because of security and privacy reasons there is no point to do this on encrypted sites.

to test it, search something for example test, click on a result with HTTPS, open in the result tab with F12 the JavaScript console, click on 'Console', type 'alert(document.referrer)' and press Enter. if the prompting message is empty the script works. referer is removed from header AND JavaScript. or if the message displays a site your browser had been redirected from. that's also fine, search phrase was never send to the server contacted first after clicking on a result.


'' is also available over HTTPS now. so use it. unencrypted version is not included by default 'cause it's pointless...

Happy New Year

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