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I'm tired of looking at it...
Now it's your turn.

.zip (Size: 586.19 KB / Downloads: 20)

ProxomitronReborn_4603R Config -- Sidki 2019-01-26b1 -- ReadMe

These configs should work with Chrome, Firefox, IE8-11, Edge, and variants.
Most of the time, I use 'uNorm' with a Chrome variant, Opera portable, on Win10.

There are three choices:

sidki_2019-01-26b1, sidki_2019-01-26b1-uNorm, and sidki_2019-01-26b1-MII.

sidki_2019-01-26b1 and -MII work like previous CFGs.
List calls in a filter's URL match are tested against the actual URL, which may
contain port and Proxomitron related strings.

sidki_2019-01-26b1-MII is for ProxHTTPSProxyMII, .
May be used with N4.5j to confirm 4603R behavior.

sidki_2019-01-26b1-uNorm uses the variable uNorm.
uNorm equals \h\p\q minus (Proxomitron related queries).
Since uNorm does not contain protocol or port, lists that test uNorm do not
use "https:" or ":443". The set's filters that use
AllowCookies, Exceptions, Exceptions-U, and AdHosts-J
are testing uNorm.
Also, removing Proxomitron related queries allows commands like
"?prx-command=dbug.." to always work as expected.

26b1 and 26b1-uNorm are preset to provide nag free HTTPS filtering. This
requires ProxomitronReborn_4603R, OpenSSL DLLs, proxcert.pem, and enabling
the 4603R local.ptron HTTPS server.

Enabling local.ptron HTTPS server:

26b1 and 26b1-uNorm use the 4603R local.ptron HTTPS server. To enable the
server, 4603R must start with an SslPort enabled cfg.
Either add the ability to your default cfg or use a shortcut with a
command line option or use a bat file to start 4603R with an SslPort enabled cfg.

To add a command line option: right click on the shortcut, choose Properties,
append a space followed by the cfg's file name to the Target field.
"C:\Users\P\Programs\ProxN45j-amy\Prx4603R.exe" sidki_2019-01-26b1-uNorm.ptron

First Run with 4603R filtering HTTPS:

Extract and,
, to the Proxomitron's folder.

Start 4603R and witness the glory of "The Proxomitron Intro Page".

Generate proxcert.pem and exit 4603R.

Add proxcert.pem to browser's certificate store.

Configure browser to use proxy for HTTP & HTTPS.
Both addresses are or localhost and the port is 8080.

Download cacert.pem, ,
to The Proxomitron's folder and rename it certs.pem.

Use sidki-2019-01-26b1-uNorm.bat or sidki-2019-01-26b1.bat
to start ProxomitronReborn_4603R.exe,


Be aware! These instructions may provide a nag free, "green lock" HTTPS experience.

Scott R. Lemmon's advice from 2003 still applies:

"This mode is experimental! I would strongly discourage using active
SSL filtering for important transactions such as on-line banking or purchases.
The connection may not be as secure, and it's better not to risk a filter
potentially creating troubles on such a page. However, since the casual use
of SSL on less important pages is increasing, sometimes you may wish to
filter it anyway. Still, keep in mind that you do so at your own risk."

More info:

Naoko4.5j (2003-6-1) is the final release from the author, Scott R. Lemmon.
4603R is a "testing" release from amy's project to recreate a Proxomitron for
2019 and beyond. or
cProxomitron_Reborn.html in this zip.

To use the CFGs with Naoko 4.5j,
disable the header filter "Use Local.Ptron https file server ProxN46R+" or
"Use ProxHTTPSProxyMII".

Even more info? Change Log?

Assuming this set's zip has been extracted, click on a sidki_Contents_docs
shortcut. Otherwise, files are in the sidki-etc folder.

uNorm, yes or no?
Unexplained crashes and behavior.
Insufficient testing and knowledge.
HTTPS logic.
List entries pruned but not all have been corrected, .
Health, wealth, pursuit of happiness, time.... Wink

Be careful
Have fun :-)


CreateProxomitronReborn_4603R.exe is a patching program. Given an original
Proxomitron N4.5j exe, it will create ProxomitronReborn_4603R.exe.

zlib.dll is Copyright © 1995-2017 Jean-loup Gailly and Mark Adler.
A modern version may be found at
Rename zlib32.dll in to zlib.dll .
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