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16  Proxomitron Program - discussions welcome / Questions and Answers / alias list : send all to google - multiple strings on: August 25, 2002, 11:20:10 AM

try unthicking you outgoing filters one at a time to find the offending filter.

There ain't any other offending filter than the alias jumper. This would be clearly indicated in the logwindow if more than one filter would act on this, besides it is very unlikely that I would have the exact same outgoing headerfilters activated as others reporting similar with aliasjumping...

I think it's the format in combination with IE (or does anyone see the same in another broser?)

The first outgoing GET I see in the logwindow (before it is even seen by any URL filters) looks like (The GET is constructed by a $LOG command so I could see what is happening...)

+++GET__242 http://."the/ wild country"try"/

which is then sent to the jump list as is, so it is definitly IE that is doing the mangling...

JumpTo: http://www.google.com/search?q="the/ wild country"try"/

Ok, another put to bed...now to get around this quirky IE bahviour...

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17  Proxomitron Program - discussions welcome / Questions and Answers / after killing popup window on: August 25, 2002, 11:14:38 AM


access it thru Web2Pop

Can you explain how you do that, or what program you use please?
I have never heard of pop2, just pop3. Just curious, thanks.

I already said it didn't I?

go here http://www.jmasoftware.com/

18  Other / Community Discussions (Non-Forum Related) / Which Firewall on: August 24, 2002, 12:00:40 PM
who says WinRoute is only for large scale LANs? come'on! Granted, it's commercial, but at a price of ~$150 for a 5-user license and free .x upgrades, having started with 4.0 when I got my hookup (3yrs back) and have had three updates sofar. the price may seem high, but you get

Packet Filter
DHCP server
DNS forwarder
Mail server
NAT router (a bit of digging and you can specify which portrange to use for NAT)
Port Mapping
VPN support

I think this is the best 150 ever spent (although it was a bit less 3yrs ago) ...I would have liked it even better if it had some more options regarding tcp flags (ACK and SYN only)

They have a lite version too especially for home lan's beit with a bit less options

Has anyone tried CHX-I ? It's an MMC snap-in much like the default IP security in W2K (but with a lot more options)...


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Edited by - TEggHead on 24 Aug 2002  13:41:38
19  Proxomitron Program - discussions welcome / Questions and Answers / alias list : send all to google - multiple strings on: August 24, 2002, 11:48:56 AM
Ok, there's definitely something wrong here with this here alias thingy...

I can't loose the trailing slash...now I find it also appears sometimes in the middle of my query string more than once in the same query...

Here's where this is giving me headaches because it doesn't work as expected...besides Google using and by default for all keywords, it also supports searching for the litteral string by enclosing them in quotes. So a search for ."The Wild Country" searches for the exact string, however, this does not seem to work with the alias/jump list....

I cleaned out the whole list leaving the default catch-all in place. looking like so

1 & $JUMP(http://www.google.com/search?q=$UESC(1))

and no matter what I try, feeding the above example as querystring always ends up looking like

http://www.google.com/search?q="the/ wild country"try"/

note the extraneous slashes and the repeating of the tail of the query?

Definitely something not right here...

20  Proxomitron Program - discussions welcome / Questions and Answers / after killing popup window on: August 23, 2002, 10:49:52 AM
how do you get around the popup windows

The same way as I do other webmail based shit, access it thru Web2Pop and use a regular popclient...(with the speed of webmail alas)

21  Other / Community Discussions (Non-Forum Related) / Which Firewall on: August 23, 2002, 10:44:01 AM

I'm using Kerio (old Tiny) now.

Are they realy one and the same now. I can still download Tiny from their own page at http://www.tinysoftware.com/home/tiny2?la=EN and it is definitely different (version 3.0) from the version that is now known as Kerio Personal which is still at 2.1 at http://www.kerio.com/us/kpf_home.html

FWIW, I've used WinRoute Pro (Kerio now) from day one because I needed both a firewall and a gateway...it does NAT and can be told to use only a set range of ports as source ports for the request it passes on. can deny or drop. Internally I used to use ATGuard but now switched to Tiny. About IGMP as was mentioned by Shaka, I've never seen any referral to it in the other firewalls I tired, but I hardly doubt it'll be a problem as IGMP is only of meaning if you use IP Multicast.


22  Proxomitron Filters - Discussions welcome / Cosmetic / Remove Image Borders on: August 23, 2002, 12:15:24 AM

i think this structure could be used EVERY TIME we need to replace or set an attribute value:

It is just another form of the basic test for 'something or nothing' as described in "Tips And Tricks.html" Wink

23  Proxomitron Program - discussions welcome / Questions and Answers / Popups to links - Need help on: August 22, 2002, 11:50:28 PM
Hi Inminente


Sorry, i dont understand this:

embedding links in script usually causes tremendous problems for the script...so a dead end for your problem

Well, you want to replace window.open(something) with a button or link that you can click on. Right?

Ok, now, the problem is that window.open is a javascript command that _can_ exist as part of an onclick= or href=  value, you could try and onvert these safely as long as you use the correct bounds. On the other hand, the call does not need to be directly to window.open(), but could also be itself a call to a wrapper function with any name, testing some specifics first (similar as filter window.open replacement), in which case your filter will not see it as a window.open call since the call can be named anything then.

However, the majority of window.open calls will be found in javascript blocks (such as in the case of above wrapper example), either inline in the page or loaded from an external source. Now there's a lot javascript can do, but alas, it can not stand the presence of a raw htmltag, smack in the middle of a script source.

consider the following example
<script language=javascript>
// lots of javascript
if(some_logic) {window.open(somewhere);}
// lots of javascript

if you were to replace this window.open with either button/link, then it would end up looking like

<script language=javascript>
// lots of javascript
if(some_logic) {<a href="somewhere">popup</a>}
// lots of javascript

this would generate a javascript error at the least, and at the worst prevent replacement code (such as scripts inserted at <end>) to function at all. It might also cause a page to not load correctly or load only partly.

You could compare it with opening an executable file in worpad, type some straight ascii in the middle, save the file and expecting it to run without any problem...

This is not typical for window.open but for the whole of javascript. For a filter to safely take out something which can live in both regular html and script, takes special considerations to prevent the additonal problems.

function calls like window.open are particularly hard to filter as they can exist anywhere in both regular html and external javascripts. and it doesn't even have to be window.open, it could also be just open...

pfew, I'm glad my name ain't Basil...

Edited by - TEggHead on 23 Aug 2002  00:54:07
24  Proxomitron Program - discussions welcome / Questions and Answers / Popups to links - Need help on: August 22, 2002, 09:10:59 PM
Hold It! <brake>pedal to the metal</brake> screeching halt here...drop all you got sofar and go waaaaaay backto the problem.

No need to go and try to change calls to links, first of all, call may be smack in the middle of a script, embedding links in script usually causes tremendous problems for the script...so a dead end for your problem

If I understand correct, you need to have popups allowed on _some_ sites, but they are filtered by the "Smart Popup Killer"? Then why not simply add an exception list to Proxo's blocklistcollection and use it to match in the URL field for URLs that need to skip the popupfilter?

using NoPoppers as examplename, add this into the URL field of the popup killer


You will have to create a new textfile and add it to Proxo using an appriopriate name, you can then add needed part of a URL string into this file to skip the filter for these. Because of the wildcards in the call format, entries in this list can be as global as whole domain e.g.


or as restrictive as e.g.


as for your first question, do you mean view original page and dbug output for same page at same time?

If you use IE, try this one...

Name = "Start: Automatic dbug Output in Search Pane (JarC)"
Active = TRUE
Limit = 1
Match = "<start>"
Replace = "<SCRIPT CLASS=ShonenScript LANGUAGE=JavaScript>"

25  Proxomitron Filters - Discussions welcome / Cosmetic / Remove Image Borders on: August 22, 2002, 12:52:23 PM
Match = "border=$AV(*)2$SET(1=border="0")|>$SET(1= border="0">)"

Aren't we overlooking a small thing here? this type of filters may follow a common logic, but that is certainly not the if-then-else logic but rather a no-matter-what logic, not? I mean, this is simply a case of
if it matches, fine, replace it, otherwise fine too, just insert it, so both branches end up doing the same thing, very atypical for an if-then-else structure, in fact quite the opposite, this looks more like an assertion

basically, the filter will need to always match (no matter if the attribute is there, the replacement is always inserted) so we do not need to complicate the match with all kinds of exceptions coz there's only one exception basically, the attribute not being present...

based on that I found the following format to always work

Match = "<TAG( ATTRIBUTE=$AV(*)|) 1>"
Replace = "<TAG ATTRIBUTE=MyValue 1>"


Can anyone think of a way to make it fail to match in the bounds match if border="0" already exists?

This would be the same test to exclude a replacement from being matched by the filter again...something like

Bounds = "<TAG(^*ATTRIBUTE=MyValue)*>"

Edited by - TEggHead on 22 Aug 2002  14:06:14
26  Proxomitron Program - discussions welcome / Questions and Answers / alias list : send all to google - multiple strings on: August 22, 2002, 12:23:47 PM

but this don't:

It might be the use of periods that throws it off, I'm using a filter to redirects msn autosearch to google and noticed IE getting confused sometimes when I used periods. Instead of it getting sent as query, IE tried to resolve it into an actual site address...

I noticed that too with the ending /, didn't bother to try'n fix it as it doesn't matter much for the results.

27  Proxomitron Filters - Discussions welcome / Spam Blockers / Banner Killers: Another Two on: August 21, 2002, 09:42:33 PM

(*width=([#720:760])7 & *height=([#85:100])Cool *>$SET(9=a.monster.2 7x8)

SidKi, if yer running out of variables, unfold the size tests, that'll give you two vars extra to play with

I tried hard to understand what you meant by that, but you lost me here.

I saw that one later and using this format, unfolding would take a lot of lines, but what I meant was something like this one

(*width=([#400])7 & *height=([#80]|[#100]|[#120]|[#150])Cool *>$SET(9=a.nonst.1 7x8)

and writing it like
(*width=[#400] & *height=[#80] *>$SET(9=a.nonst.1 400x80)
(*width=[#400] & *height=[#100]*>$SET(9=a.nonst.1 400x100)
(*width=[#400] & *height=[#120]*>$SET(9=a.nonst.1 400x120)
(*width=[#400] & *height=[#150]*>$SET(9=a.nonst.1 400x150)

which would free 7 and 8 if it weren't for the existing range notations already in use...simple if it is only 2-5 but not with a range of 40+

28  Proxomitron Filters - Discussions welcome / Spam Blockers / Banner Killers: Another Two on: August 21, 2002, 09:29:09 AM
Well, i hope someone like the tip.

Ola Inminente,

It's still a good tip, I use this type of replacement very much myself, but that is the beauty of Prox, if you want it a bit different you can freely change the filter to suit your needs/preferences. You can even combine it and still let them be hidden and only visible when you want

(take a look at AdContainerRemover, it comes with a html file to test if your browser supports bookmarklets with which you can toggle the replacement visibility on or off)

BTW. You may not have realized this yet, but it is also a great method to give a hint which filter did it...my Linked ad filters insert [Ad-], my banner filters insert [BNR-], my ActiveX [AX-] etc.

29  Proxomitron Program - discussions welcome / Questions and Answers / images after HTML on: August 20, 2002, 05:15:11 PM

Since Opera6 has no full DOM support (and will not have, that's in the works for Opera7), you cannot dynamically resize or update page elements such as images.

How does that affect rollovers? You mean that Opera is not capable of showing rollover effects as yet?

30  Proxomitron Program - discussions welcome / Questions and Answers / images after HTML on: August 20, 2002, 10:23:38 AM
Hya all,


you need to cycle through the different image choices before the images appear.

what kind of feature is that? does Opera have built-in image replacements?

JD, I've been tryin to think of a solution, not having Opera I can't try it out however. Since it seems as if Opera does not dynamically resizes a container if it is assigned a new src, there's only really one way I think and that is using an intermediate image object to get at the dimensions.

I've modified the second filter a bit, can't tell if it'll work in Opera though

updated 20 Aug 2002  17:40:13

changed it as this introduced the same problem in IE5.5 and higher...

Name = "End: Load Delayed Images [JarC]"
Active = TRUE
Limit = 1
Match = "<end>"
Replace = "
 docIMGs = document.images;"
 var getsz = new Array();"
 for (i = 0; i < docIMGs.length; i++) {"
 getsz = new Image();"
 if (docIMGs.PRXsrc+""!="undefined") {"
 getsz.src = docIMGs.PRXsrc;"
 docIMGs.src = docIMGs.PRXsrc;"
 docIMGs.width = getsz.width;"
 docIMGs.height = getsz.height;"
 } } "

Edited by - TEggHead on 20 Aug 2002  18:08:45
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