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The information on this page is no longer correct - the page is available for archival (historical) purposes only. Many thanks to Ian MacPhedran.
New Filters

The User-Created filter page!

One of the Proxomitron's key features is the ability for anyone to create powerful new filters. I'd like to encourage those who've written filters they feel may be generally useful to send them to me. I'll then post those I feel are the best and most useful ones here for everyone to download. My hope is that Proxomitron users will one day have access to a large repository of filters for just about every need.

Note: Many people may have had problems with the filters stored as "somefilter.cfg" files. This seems to be because Tripod sets unknown file types to HTML instead of the more common default of plain text. To fix this I've renamed all the files to end in "somefilter.cfg.txt" Just rename the filter to .cfg when you save it. If you've had problems with a filter in the past try re-downloading the file - hopefully that'll fix the problem.

As always my thanks to all who contributed.

  OnUnload Unloader
  Ignore smalling fonts
  Keyword based content blocker
  The Deja-Spam Toilet Brush (updated 3/00)
  White background killer
  XOOM advertising frame killer (updated 12/99)
  Onion AdFrame killer
  Kill Fortunecity Banner
  Un-underline links
  You Have Mail blinker
  You Have Mail (Go To)
  Webjump Frame
  Web1000 Frame
  Yahoo message board filters
  Kill Geocities GeoGuide
  Remarq filters (updated 11/99)
  Allow right mouse click

   Added: 11/28/1999

  Alternate Advertising filters
  iFfrance Ad Frame Killer
  Top/Bottom Banner Frame Closer
  Webpage Comment Viewer

   Added: 2/20/2000

  Favicon Request Killer
  Web-Form Filler Filters
  All-Advantage Banner Killer
  Kill Cascading Style Sheets
  Stop Browser Resizing
  Show Table Borders
  Whack Jeeves

Be sure to check the Proxomitron's help file for guidelines on submitting filters - this will help me process your submission. Also, keep in mind that by submitting a filter you are agreeing to place it in the public domain, making it free for all to use. You will however be given full credit for creating the filter if you like (anonymous submissions are also welcome too if you're the paranoid type ;-).

Even if you aren't interested in writing your own filters, be sure to keep checking back here to see what's new.

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