This file is an archived copy of a Proxomitron file.

The information on this page is no longer correct - the page is available for archival (historical) purposes only. Many thanks to Ian MacPhedran.
New Filters

Proxomitron System Requirements

The Proxomitron is a Win32 program designed to run under Windows 95. However, it should also work with Windows 98 and newer versions of Windows NT without trouble. Unfortunately, it won't run under 16 bit versions of Windows like Windows 3.1 or Windows for Workgroups (even with Win32 extentions - sorry).

Note: I have not been able to fully test the program on all platforms, if you experience problems running the Proxomitron in a non-Windows 95 environment please let me know.

CPU usage

The web page filters in particular can use a fair amount of CPU at times. The program was designed on a Pentium 120 which is plenty fast enough to run at least 30 or more filters simultaneously. If your system is as fast or faster you'll have no troubles.

The Proxomitron also works on slower systems (like a 486), but you may need to limit the number of web filters you have enabled. Various web filters use varying amounts of CPU time so the only way to tell for sure is to just try it and see.

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