This file is an archived copy of a Proxomitron file.

The information on this page is no longer correct - the page is available for archival (historical) purposes only. Many thanks to Ian MacPhedran.
The Proxomitron - Universal Web Filter

Proxomitron Download Page

Download a Proxomitron of your very own!

Proxomitron version Naoko-4.2

The Proxomitron comes in two flavors - a regular windows installer program and a plain .ZIP file. Why two? Well, the program is the same in both, but if you're comfortable copying files on your PC you really don't need the installer. The Proxomitron never places files outside its own directory and makes no changes to your system registry or .ini files. Simply copy it wherever you like and it'll work! Also, deleting the program's directory will fully "Un-install" it: no files will be left elsewhere on your system. If, however, you prefer the familiarity of an installer program, get the version with install/uninstall included.

For those of you upgrading from earlier versions of Proxomitron, please be sure to close your current version and back-up and customized configs before upgrading (or just install the new version in a different folder).

Download Site #1 (local):

Download just the Proxomitron
Download the Proxomitron with Installer

Download Site #2 (Tech TV):

Download the Proxomitron with Installer

For the Installer version just double-click the ProxN42.exe file.
For the plain version just use any zip utility to unzip it to wherever you like.

After installation you'll also have to set your web browser to use the Proxomitron. This is usually easy - Just set your browser's HTTP proxy option to a hostname of localhost and a port number of 8080. Change only the HTTP and optionally the "Secure" entries: leave any other protocols (FTP, gopher, etc) alone. If you're unsure how to do this, check the Proxomitron's help file for a more detailed explanation.

Here's a sample from Netscape's manual proxy setup screen. To use the Proxomitron, set your browser's proxy options to match those areas below highlighted in yellow.

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