This file is an archived copy of a Proxomitron file.

The information on this page is no longer correct - the page is available for archival (historical) purposes only. Many thanks to Ian MacPhedran.
The Proxomitron - Universal Web Filter

What's new with Proxomitron

What's new in Naoko 4.5

* Try http://local.ptron/.pinfo/ - lots of stuff there ^_^
  (views can be customized via the Info.css in the html folder)
* Added ability to import/export filter to and from the windows
  clipboard. Right-click over either the web or header filter 
  lists - the import/export options are available in the context

  Export will write any selected filters to the clipboard while
  import will insert filters from the clipboard's text. The format
  is the same as is used in Proxomitron's config files.

  There's also an option in the merge dialog to accept input from
  the clipboard rather than a file. It can be used to import any
  config file settings - just be sure to include the filter section
  headers with the text.
* Log window clipboard should be better behaved under NT/W2k/XP
* Proxomitron now has support for pre-request variables. These
  can be set anywhere (even in the headers) and checked later
  (say in the actual HTML).  Each request has it's own set, and
  is isolated from all other pages.
  - To set a variable use...
  - To clear a variable use...
  - To get a variable's value use...
  - To test a variable's value use...
      $TST(variable=match expression)
    or also just...
    can be used in a match to see if the variable's contents match
    the current text. For example..
    note that this must be a literal match (except for case) - the variable's
    value isn't treated as a matching expression with wildcards and such.
  Unlike positional "\1 \2 \# ..." style variables, $SET expands a named
  variable's value as soon as it's called (positional are expanded
  in the replace). That means named variables can be set to themselves
  and expanded - for instance...
  $SET(foo=$GET(foo) more stuff)   - adds to the end of "foo"
  $SET(foo=more stuff $GET(foo))   - adds to the start of "foo"
  $SET(foo=$GET(foo) \1)		   - adds value of "\1" to the end of "foo"
  $SET(foo=$GET(foo)$GET(bar))     - adds value of "bar" to the end of "foo"

  $TST can also be used on good-old positional type variables \0 ... \9
  which allows you to do neat things like...
  <\1\s * </$TST(\1)> 
    which matches...
  <any-tag > stuff </any-tag>
    but not...
  <any-tag > stuff </a-different-tag>

* "w" added to $DTM command for current weekday (thanks to a great observation
  by ScoJo that this can be used to create filters that are active only at
  certain times or on certain days :-)

* size specifiers on runs ( like "[a]+{0,500}" ) can now range up to
  65535 rather than being limited to 255.  

* Error messages now call "Errors.css" in the html folder
  so you can customize the colors and fonts used
* Config name now shows in system tray tool tip (as per request ;-)

* Can now filter the CONNECT method used to establish 
  SSL pass-thru connections. That allows some minimal
  filtering (basic site blocking and bypass list host
  matching) even without using OpenSSL. CONNECT headers
  are now also visible in the log window (though keep 
  in mind they're only used by the proxy and not passed
  to the remote site).
* Bug fixed with $WESC not escaping closing parenthesis

* Added new DOM banner/container killer filter

* multi-part (push) content types not filtered by default

* Updated SSLeay/OpenSSL libraries used. Also added some basic 
  remote site certificate validation.  See readme.txt for 
  new details

* Fixed bug that could sometimes cause characters not to be 
  filtered in the tester window when the match was exactly 
  1 character long.

* $LOG() command can now open the log window if it's closed. 
  just include a "!" as the first character before the color 

  $LOG(!GLog Something green)

* Fixed "read overflow" bug (for real this time ;-)

* Fixed missing "&" in "Content-Type: Fix MIME types based on URL" 

* Altered Javascript filters to insert after the <!DOCTYPE ... >
  tag on webpages (works better for IE6)
* Pop-up filters are improved a bit and now use the external
  "WindowOpen.js" file in the html folder.
* $URL, $RESP, $IHDR, $OHDR, $TST all now work in the replacement
  section too (where they can be useful to capture values).

* Latest DOM banner blaster and container killer included
  this uses "DomConKiller.js" in the html folder
* Long command causing crash in NT/Win2k/XP fixed.

* Bug with long entries in log window fixed.

* Bug with handling certain malformed HTTP headers fixed.

* SSL socket reuse bug fixed (hopefully)

* \h will now match hostnames that don't have a trailing slash like
* Proxy advanced options now allow a username with no password.

* Reloading a config no longer clears the debug flag.

* There's now an option to show to disable local file requests in the 
  log window.

* PriorityBoost = TRUE/FALSE flag has been added to the config. This is
  a bit experimental, but when true will boost the priority of filtering
  threads while allowing the main program to run at a normal level.
  It might help especially when browsers up their own priority which may
  starve Proxomitron for CPU time. Because of this I'd not recommend also
  running Proxomitron itself at high priority at first or it make make the
  thread priority too high; if you do, you may want to disable the boost.
* Changed 302 redirect handling a bit so Mozilla can process them
  faster (the latest Mozilla seems to pause for some time if some HTML isn't
  included with the redirect). 

* Other miscellaneous bugs fixed.

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