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- hinduluv - Apr. 16, 2005 06:11 PM

Hi guys. I didnt know exactly were to put this in. For the past week have been trying to get a labtop at the dell outlet website. I keep pushing refresh to try and catch a cheap one but as soon as i see it and pick it out someone already has it and i cant get anything. I dont want this to start a business or anything as i just want one labtop. Anyway in the "official" forums someone posted how it could work but i cant seem to understand the premise. I downloaded ProxN45j but i cant see where i need to import the code. And i dont even know how to make a code or how to really work the program. this is the website

Is there some easy way to mark a labtop based on price and then put into my cart?

so like i could load up the page with only the inspiron 6000 cause thats what i want and then prox could scan it and refresh really fast and then when a cheap one pops up it will add it to my cart, is that possible to do?

THANKS a lot for any help, i appreciate it.


- hinduluv - Apr. 16, 2005 06:16 PM

update i read the proxo introduction on a website, understand a little better its intent.

- JakBeNymble - Apr. 18, 2005 03:03 AM

Hi "hinduluv",
Welcome to the FORUM! Smile! Glad that You are with us! Cheers.
The "help files" that come with the "Proxomitron" download is an excellent place to start, . . . they are really informative! And of course as "Forum Member" You can ask any question about Proxo that You wish, and of course there are other "Sub -forums" here that You can talk about anything within a limited field. Smile!"Click Here for explanation"
Again Welcome to the Forum, make Yourself at home, . . .You are among "Friends" Smile!
Best Wishes,
"JaK" [smoke]