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- mozerd - Mar. 08, 2006 09:10 PM

Proxo is not filtering for me at this point -- so getting you source code from the sites like you requested is not possible.

However I can product the source code as follows:
[1] Bypass enabled
[2] Bypass disabled

Is that what you want to see?

BTW when I did those images I did forget to clear the cache .... so the filtered stuff I produced for the ragingbull site -- with the cache cleared -- eliminates all that white space shown in the image I uploaded earlier. Those images were done while I was utilizing AddSubtract Pro --- obviously because Proxo was not filtering for me at this stage..

- mozerd - Mar. 08, 2006 09:41 PM

OK here is what I did:

I reinstalled Proxo + sidkis lates config.

The first side I visited is Kye-U -- attached is the source code for the Kye-U site.

Next I went to the dslReports site -- attached is the source code for the sdlreports site.

Next I went to the ragingbull site -- -- attached is the source code for the raging bull site.

What is very interesting is that the source code for Kye-U site clearly shows that Proxo is working --- its plasterred with Proxo code.

The other 2 sites have no Proxo code at all ????

- JJoe - Mar. 08, 2006 10:54 PM

Could we get copies of the Log window for each?
Clear the cache first
and in the Log window's right-click menu select:
  • "View Posted data"
    "HTML filters"
    "HTTP headers"
    "Local file requests"
    "Misc information"

- mozerd - Mar. 09, 2006 12:21 AM

JJoe Wrote:Clear the cache first
and in the Log window's right-click menu select:
  • "View Posted data"
    "HTML filters"
    "HTTP headers"
    "Local file requests"
    "Misc information"
Sssssshhhhh Proxo is filtering right now -- Please do not tell anyone Crazy --- on my laptop -- so I followed your request and attached is three Proxo Log files. So these 3 files will show logs of filtering working on 3 sites [1]Kye-U [2]dslreports [3] ragingbull.

As soon as Proxo stops filtering I'll repeat the exercise and post the log file results.

- mozerd - Mar. 09, 2006 01:06 AM

OK it?s been 45 minutes and the Proxomitron is still working to filter out the junk ... this is mind-boggling.

And I just love the way that sidki's latest config set [sidki_2006-03-05.ptron] is working -- super fast. Thank you. Just hope that this keeps going. Dancing

- mozerd - Mar. 09, 2006 02:38 AM

OK its now been 2 full hours and the Proxomitron is still working beautifully with sidki's config set in ALL my 3 systems .... And I have ZERO idea why this is the case. If this continues it?s going to drive me crazy. Shock

My problems with Proxomitron started exactly one month today. Maybe I had some agent someone planted in my OS [somehow ? but how?] and that agent has now expired. Anyway wish I knew what is going on.

- mozerd - Mar. 09, 2006 12:32 PM

OK I'm delighted to report that the Proxomitron is STILL working on all my systems --- why? I do not have the slightest idea. And not having the slightest idea in not good in my field in view of the fact that my specialty is technology [Windows Operating Systems and Networking].

One interesting observation which may be important;

On the Laptop I started fresh --- deleted all the Proxo files; downloaded [for the umpteenth time Smile!] Proxo and Henk's ProxoPatcher 4; sidki?s latest config ,,, proceeded with the work of installing and configuring it all to my liking --- finished that work at 7:10 PM and the Proxo started to consistently filter all sites on the laptop.

I then went to my other systems and did the exact same thing as stated above for each desktop computer BUT on the other systems [2 desktops] Proxo would not filter all the sites as previously reported. OK, so what I did is delete the Proxo folder on the desktop systems [for the umpteenth time Smile!], moved over to the laptop and [over the network] copied the Proxo folder from the laptop to the desktop systems ? NOW all the desktop systems are all working in the same manner as the Laptop with the Proxo.

OK so what could be the anomaly?

The only thing that I can think off is that sometime in January of 2006 I upgrade my WinZp version 9 to version 10 ? and have been using it to unzip etc. Perhaps WinZip 10 is not as stable as it should be --- however I have used WinZIP on other apps and no ill effects that I can easily tell. The mystery continues. Smile!

- ProxRocks - Mar. 09, 2006 01:19 PM

i'm using WinZip 10 as well...
so i really don't think that can be the culprit...

- JJoe - Mar. 09, 2006 04:09 PM

I unzipped the archive you sent me with 7-Zip. The unzipped files were ok.
Surely the files would be bad, if WinZip were messing up.

When you put Proxomitron on the laptop did you run it before you patched it? Anything different than before?

Should the problem return, I couldn't find the message but I think I remember somebody saying to use a full path to the config in the shortcut.

- mozerd - Mar. 09, 2006 05:35 PM

JJoe Wrote:Surely the files would be bad, if WinZip were messing up.
Yes I agree ... but each machine processor has so many different internal environmental factors that impact data as it gets placed on the HD that anomalies sometime do appear after the fact. Should not happen but I've seen it happen a small number of times over the past 25 years where it actually has happened.

[EDIT] Just remembered one other factor: On the Laptop I uninstalled WinZip 10 ,,, reinstalled WinZip 9 --- that did not make a difference ,,, then I re-downloaded WinZIP 10 and reinstalled it then proceeded with the final installation of Proxo etc and that worked. This weekend I will uninstall WinZip 10 on my other 2 computers and get the WinZip download again and see what happens on those device when I start fresh. Smile!

JJoe Wrote:When you put Proxomitron on the laptop did you run it before you patched it?

JJoe Wrote:Anything different than before?
Nope other than the fact I was doing multiple folder deletions and re-installations of Proxo within a span of 8 hours in the same day as I was attempting to rule out zip/unzip issues.

Anyway, for now everything is back to normal with the Proxomitron on my systems. Smile! One of these days perhaps I will learn what actually is taking place. This odd behavior needs to be understood and the process to understand it is very time consuming ? so I hope that by chance I will learn why it took place.

[EDIT]I Just found out that WinZip 10 was actually updated on February 23 2006 to Build 6698 to fix some bugs [previous version was Build 6685... and since its the latest version that I used on the Proxo ZIP the other day that now works on my Laptop system it may have been a WinZip issue after all in my situation. When I do the fresh installs this weekend on my other desktop systems that should be more evidence of this based on how I will proceed with the process. I now seem to recall that all my troubles with Proxo stated in early February -- and I purchased WinZip 10 on January 23. This is starting to make some sense.

- mozerd - Mar. 10, 2006 12:47 AM

Take note of the last EDIT above. Microphone

- mozerd - Mar. 15, 2006 12:59 PM

OK confirmed that the latest download of WinZip 10 Build 6698 seems to have corrected my issues with the Proxomitron on my computer systems.

What I did:
On my desktop computers I removed Proxomitron - rebooted - then I installed Proxomitron + patch etc. using the original copy of WinZip 10 build 6685 purchased in late January 2006. My issues with Proxo returned.

I removed Proxomitron from my systems - rebooted - then I installed Proxomitron + patch etc. using WinZip 10 build 6698 [the most current version] and my issues with Proxo are resolved.

So based on the above I have to state that build 6685 of WinZip 10 had issues when unzipping Proxomitron on my systems. I was able to reproduce this 3 times. Very weird.

Why very weird? No one else has reported this type of problem and resolution here or anywhere else that I can find.

The bottom line is however that I now have the benefit of using the Proxomitron and sidki?s fabulous configuration system.

- ProxRocks - Mar. 15, 2006 01:22 PM

I can only assume that it's because WinZip is 'going to the wayside'...
7-Zip is FREE - and dare I say, compresses "better" (though I dislike the GUI in comparison to WinZip's)...
and WinZip "lost it" by not doing RAR's until only its latest version (does 10.0 do RAR's?)...

and besides that, my OS will zip and unzip WITHOUT WinZip...

believe it or not, it's probably "safe to say" that you may be among a very, very few that actually used WinZip to unzip Proxo...

certainly glad you're up-and-running...

- mozerd - Mar. 15, 2006 02:57 PM

WinZip includes built-in support for the Zip, CAB, Microsoft Compress, gzip, TAR, UUencode, XXencode, BinHex, and MIME formats, so no other programs are required for most WinZip operations.

- ProxRocks - Mar. 15, 2006 03:21 PM

Not so sure, I bump into a LOT of RAR's...
I'm just totally amazed that WinZip *still* hasn't jumped onto that bandwagon...
A guy here at the office seems "sold" on WinAce - but aside from him, I can't claim to bump into a lot of ACE's...

sorry, didn't mean to turn your thread into a WinZip discussion - but I guess no harm, no foul (I mean, the topic-at-hand seems to have been resolved anyway)...

don't get me wrong, WinZip is my "go-to" (aside from that occasianal RAR)... [the office owns WinZip, WinRAR, and WinACE... and 7-Zip...]

what's your opinion on ZipGenius?

me? I can't say as I have *ever* bumped into a UU, XX, TAR, or MIME...
(well - yes on UU, XX, and TAR, but not for "ages", lol...)