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Need some help with exceptions please....
May. 30, 2010, 05:49 PM (This post was last modified: May. 30, 2010 05:58 PM by sidki3003.)
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RE: Need some help with exceptions please....
Sorry about the delay. I wasn't available for a few months.

Thanks for the feedback. Very well done, ProxoDent!
I've created a hotmail account today and could verify everything (minus one) thanks to the excellent bug descriptions.

(Nov. 16, 2009 05:44 PM)ProxoDent Wrote:  
[^/]*InBox    $SET(0=a_adscr.a_noprint.a_rdlink.)

when 'adkey_j' works as well. I'd generally like to use the method that applies the most restrictive filtering while still allowing things to work, but in this case I couldn't easily make up my mind. Any thoughts?

Yep, in this case "a_adscr" is the better choice, because it is targeting at a single filter, whereas "adkey_j:0" is affecting subroutines in many filters.

Quote:Also, for my personal use, I have abandoned the two e-mail exceptions recommended above in favor of these items placed in AdKeys-J.ptxt:


I do not see that this method gets used much (if at all), but it seems to narrow the culprits down nicely without having to broadly bypass the entire AdKeys-J.ptxt file. Any thoughts here as well?

I handle it like that:
- Never alter (or add) an entry in general ad lists just because of a single page (i.e.: avoid overhead).
- If a specific match (like adsToFire) needs to be excluded, b/c it is breaking multiple pages, directly alter the expression (e.g. ads(^ToFire)). This usually keeps the respective entry hashable ("ads" not being a good example here). "except" notations are never hashable.

Here is the entire updated Microsoft section. Also needed to keep MS translator working which was broken due to a new (sneaky) referrer check.

## Microsoft, Bing, MSN & Windows Live
## ----------------------------------------------------------------------------          $SET(0=a_float.i_timer:2.i_noscr:2.)    $SET(0=a_posthtml.)     $SET(0=i_noscr:2.)           $SET(0=a_bug.)                  $SET(0=i_noscr:2.)                   $SET(0=a_adscr.)                     $SET(0=a_adscr.)
[^.]          $SET(0=a_jscont.)

[^/]^[^/]++.mail.) $SET(0=a_rdlink.)
[^/]           $SET(0=a_adscr.a_rdlink.)
[^.]     $SET(0=a_jsmeth.)$SET(1=adkey_j:0.)                   $SET(0=i_timer:0.a_rdlink.)    $SET(0=i_noscr:2.i_timer:0.i_button_b:0.)    $SET(0=b_refer.)
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