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URL commands aren't working (for me) in IE9
Jan. 16, 2012, 12:50 AM
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URL commands aren't working (for me) in IE9
I recently bit the bullet and upgraded to Win7 with IE9. I figured, what the hey, it came on the new Dell Inspiron, so why not at least try it, before summarily dumping it.....

All works as intended, except that like the title says, Proxo's URL commands don't work. Strictly speaking, I can get local.ptron/{...} to work, but as Scott says, that's not really a URL command.

I've tried every one of them shown in the Help file, and they all come back with "Cannot display the webpage". Of course, if I bypass Proxo from the main interface, then I couldn't use these things anyway, so that's not an option for troubleshooting, sad to say. (Actually, I get the same message, but then I'd expect to.)

I also watched the Log window, and unexpectedly, IE isn't even attempting to send the request out to the web. This isn't usual - when I ask for bypass or dbug, the page is always reloaded on my old XP/IE6 machine, at least according to the Log window. However, interestingly enough, if I ask for "Debug Info" from the Log window's menu, every page then loaded into the browser comes in like it should - the page code is displayed, along with Proxo's additions. Puzzling, no?

All of my (not exactly stock) Proxomitron filters work just like they did under XP/IE6, so I'm not suspecting them, nor the overall operation of IE and Proxo. I was (emphasis on 'was') pretty sure that it was a security level issue, so I completely demolished all security settings, effectively leaving me open to whatever the web could throw at me. Aside from a few popups, nothing.... bupkis... zilch.... no effect. (Restored all security settings forthwith.)

SmartScreen? No effect, either on or off. ActiveX control? Ditto. Tracking Protection? Don't see how it could cause this, but I disabled it too - no effect, either way.

In short, I'm at my rope's end. I've searched this place, as well as googled the rest of the web, and haven't seen quite this problem come up for discussion. Anyone got any clues for me, please? ???



p.s. Could I live without dbug and bypass? Sure. But I can't live without http://https.. - that's critical for my needs. I don't want to just bypass Proxo entirely, it's a matter of the desired sites being not only secure, but also greatly offensive to my eyeballs. You can guess the rest from there, right? Wink

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