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URL commands aren't working (for me) in IE9
Jan. 16, 2012, 11:36 PM
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RE: URL commands aren't working (for me) in IE9

Thanks. I figured that most IE wannabes, like GreenBrowser, are shelling the rendering engine, but I don't rightly know if they are also using the underlaying method of accessing the network transport layers, or if they have implemented their own protocol handlers. Hence, your test is, as you guessed, inconclusive. But like I said, thanks for at least trying. Wink

This Dell came with the usual Bloatware foisted on us by manufacturers, and that included W7/SP1 and IE9, complete and all ready to go. It goes without saying that I immediately busted out CrapWareRemover (or some such...), and the system was actually pretty lean and mean. However, I also just happen to have a copy of W7Ultimate on hand, and you can guess what's coming, can't ya? Wink

Right-oh! Very fast, much quicker in all respects than HomePremium. Let the system access Windows Update once, for IE9 (never gave IE8 a chance), and whoala, I'm back -bigger, faster and meaner than ever!

Of course, like you, I'm an XP diehard, but sadly for me, there's a major conspiracy out there, whereby Microsoft is either paying, or bullying, driver writers to not come up with XP drivers for new hardware. That means that nearly every less-than-4-year-old feature on my new laptop is rendered null and void, vis-a-vis XP. Not a good way to spend money, IM(ns)HO. Sad Hence, I've 'sacrificed' speed for usability. Indeed, with four cores and 8 gigs o' RAM, I don't really feel the sting so much....Whistling

Enough bragging. I've twisted and torqued my system so much already that this is just about the only remaining issue to deal with. From the lack of direct results via Google, I'm beginning to wonder if it ain't me and my system, and not truly a 'bad software' issue after all. Guess that means more tinkering for me. Pray

Anyone else have anything for consideration?


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