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New User Install Instructions
Feb. 15, 2013, 06:03 PM (This post was last modified: Feb. 16, 2013 03:29 PM by sbk.)
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RE: New User Install Instructions
The most dismaying "disaster" for newbies is not knowing why proxo blocks something they want. They can't easily solve this problem.
The newbie's quickest solution is adding the domain to bypass file. It's a crude solution, but leaves proxo still filtering other websites.

EDIT EDIT EDIT! Really, I just recalled that these 'broken' (fragile) sites are often the tougher sites. These require the newbie to add 10 or 20 urls for offsite crossdomain, cdns, scripts that call json that load scripts that load media.

Allowing javascript for Proxomitron:
In Opera.
As I recall you can set per-site settings for javascript. Disabling opera's javascript still allows bookmarklets to run. Access Site Preferences while on a web page.

In Firefox.
Noscript extension can be set to allow local.ptron. AFAIK, that's the easiest way to leave javascript (and bookmarklets) enabled for proxo, while javascript is disabled by default for any website. Attached LocalPtronWhitelistNoscriptExtension.png, Disable_ForbidBookmarklets_OnUntrusted.png

Screenshots are good. (There are some in the help files.)

I attached an edited screenshot. You can chop it up, of course.
* Shortcut to Proxo in Startup folder in Windows Start menu. Attached StartupFolder+OtherCfgInProxoFolder.png
* Shortcut to proxo, Properties. Edited so Proxomitron.exe loads the CfgExample.cfg Attached CfgExampleProxoShortcut.png

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.png  CfgExampleProxoShortcut.png (Size: 48.02 KB / Downloads: 551)
.png  Disable_ForbidBookmarklets_OnUntrusted.png (Size: 23.37 KB / Downloads: 501)
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