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Is there a tutorial on troubleshooting non-functioning sites?
Nov. 09, 2013, 03:00 AM (This post was last modified: Nov. 09, 2013 03:01 AM by sbk.)
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Sad RE: Is there a tutorial on troubleshooting non-functioning sites?
(Jun. 10, 2013 11:49 PM)ProxRocks Wrote:  so then, did you take the blue pill? or the red pill?
I'm trying the less opaque 'pill'.

(Jun. 11, 2013 01:12 PM)Belarathon Wrote:  I took the green pill. Since the whole NSA debacle,
The NSA is a drop in the bucket compared to the mouse movement trackers, facebook bugging many pages, etc.
Quote:I've bought a VPN service that (supposedly) keeps no logs whatsoever.
But really, they send the logs to Mark Zuckerberg
Quote:I've put aside Proxo for the moment and am using SRware Iron with "ScriptSafe." It operates much like Firefox's NoScript. After awhile, it's not hard to figure out which domains the actual content comes from and from where the crap emanates...and the plugin is "smart" enough in most cases to have figured that out already. There's very few ads left over once you've weeded out the nastiness. And on sites I frequent daily, I just element block anything I don't want to see.
For other people, Proxo is too much to maintain. On a few sites, I use adblocker plus element hiding helper to prevent other people from clicking the tempting tracking ads. If the ads aren't hidden, HOSTS blocks the trackers, and I get howls of complaint.
Usually when I bypass the defenses to visit something that's blocked, it's garbage that should be blocked. Alternatively, read the ad's title, then go to the implied destination by using a search engine (if searching is necessary).

Quote: What else can one do? I don't have the patience for Tor. And yet, I have no delusion of safety.
I think that for straight security problems (malware), ScriptSafe or Noscript will block much.
Tor is for 'near anonymity'. Tor's slow loading doesn't bother me much, though I use Tor infrequently. I don't like burdening the nodes with my unimportant 'surfing'.
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