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Exceptions-U entries not working
Jun. 03, 2013, 01:46 PM
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Exceptions-U entries not working
I do not understand proxo's behaviour on this site:

I normally " 7.2 Block all Third Party Scripts 10.10.16 [sd] (o.3) (Out)". So I have these Exception-U entries:

[^/]      $SET(0=a_embed.a_flash.a_java.i_ssl_h:0.a_ssl_q.a_js.i_script:0.a_cookie.)            $SET(0=a_js.i_script:0.)                $SET(0=a_js.i_script:0.)
This page should look as "0_boursorama_normal.gif " attached, but it is broken (1_boursorama_broken.gif).
The yellow warning banner says "Error. Unable to connect to 1 of our servers. You must allow access to".
Though, this entry is in my Exceptions-U, so ??
Issue is corrected when I "allow all JS" in proxo-menu or untick "7.2 Block 3d-party" filter.
I do not understand what's wrong.
Debug shows "7.2 Block 3d-party" filter triggered on script (see attachment 3).
I have also added
to Bypass-SSL.

Additionnally, once logged into this site, I'd like to stay logged in when closing Firefox (= keep the cookie). My proxo is set to make cookies session-only. So I added
to "AllowCookies.txt" list and "a_cookie." is appended to boursorama in Exceptions-U.
I also tried
[^/]      $SET(0=a_embed.a_flash.a_java.i_ssl_h:0.a_ssl_q.a_js.i_script:0.a_cookie.)$SET(1=cookie_s:0.cookie_b:0.)
But all that doesn't work. When Proxo is working, I get logged-off each time I close Firefox, while I stay logged in (closing then re-opening Fox) when I put Proxo in Bypass-Filters mode.

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