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Proxo drastically limits download speed on Windows 8
Dec. 17, 2013, 12:17 PM
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RE: Proxo drastically limits download speed on Windows 8
Dell said that the video card I had been waiting all summer for them to offer for the machine I wanted to buy since April 2012 (XPS 8500) would not work on Win 7Pro which made no sense. Dell had offered only ATI cards for the XPS8500 since it came out in April 2012. I wanted an nVidia card. My XP Pro computer appeared to be dying that summer so I was very anxious to get a new computer. Finally, in November 2012 Dell offered a good nVidia card (GeForce GTX 660) so I bought this machine the day Win 8 became available and Dell said the video card was specific to Win 8.

Yes, there is an Internet Explorer on the Metro side which I have never used. None of the apps available on Metro side are available to me as I uninstalled all of them except IE and Microsoft store which could not be uninstalled. Then I disabled UAC in the registry. Doing that meant that I cannot even use Microsoft store to upgrade to 8.1 if I decide to do that. I don't boot to those atrocious tiles. I boot, using Stardock's Start8, directly to the desktop and I have Windows 7 start menu. The ONLY time I have to access Metro side (which I do from a link in Start8) is if I need to boot via USB stick. With Windows 8 you cannot boot to Safe Mode unless you are already booted into Windows and then you can access Safe Mode from Metro side. Isn't that absurd? So, I installed a program to restores the ability to boot to safe mode or boot normally so I don't need to access Metro side for that even. I totally avoid Metro side. So, I have no idea what Metro side IE is like. I can't use it since I disabled UAC in the registry and I don't want to ever use it anyway as it is full screen only! UGH. And it doesn't have the security protections that are on IE on the desktop.

I'm not sure Proxo would even work on Metro IE. In order to see, I would need to reenable UAC in the registry which I suppose I could do temporarily but if I do that others have told me that I will immediately be bombarded with messages from Microsoft telling me to upgrade to 8.1 (you can only upgrade via Microsoft Store which is accessible only on Metro side and only if UAC is enabled). But I never thought about the fact Proxo uses IE settings even when using other browsers. But then how come Fx, SeaMonkey and IE desktop if I configure them to a direct connection they get the correct download speed if Proxo is still affecting them even though I have configured them to not use Proxo?

I am having so many problems now with Proxo and the website where I spend 80% of my time. Just now I upgraded SeaMonkey to the latest version and I cannot upload screenshots at my main site. The button doesn't work. I had to go use Opera with a direct connection for the button to work. There is so much javascript now that Proxo chokes on. It is becoming very difficult to use Proxo especially at which has been my home page, main site since 2001. I need to upgrade Fx 17.0.11 ESR to the latest ESR version (24) as 17 is now unsupported by Mozilla. I'm scared that will make Proxo unusable at most sites on Firefox.
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