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Proxo drastically limits download speed on Windows 8
Dec. 20, 2013, 11:23 AM (This post was last modified: Dec. 20, 2013 11:27 AM by Mele20a.)
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RE: Proxo drastically limits download speed on Windows 8
I TOTALLY forgot about the Proxo RWIN patch. I did that so many years ago on my XP Pro machine that I had completely forgotten about it so I didn't do it when I installed Proxo on Windows 8. I never look at "About" in Proxo since there haven't been any new Proxo versions in many years.

I changed the RWIN on Windows 8 last year when I upgraded my ISP speed tier from 15/1 to 20/2 and again a few months ago when my ISP bumped me up to 30/5 from 20/2. I changed it using Dr.tcp after running Tweak Tester at dslreports. Even without the Proxo RWIN patch, Tweak Tester was showing (and still shows after I did the Proxo patch and used Fx where Proxo is filtering) RWIN : 2338816. But was showing BEFORE I did the patch RWIN: 32768 using Opera where I have a direct connection and no Proxo at all as well as on Fx where I do use Proxo and now it shows RWIN: 65536. I don't think it is right before or now. The reason I don't think it is accurate for Windows 8 is because after I installed the patch, I downloaded Windows Defender definitions from like I have been doing every night about this time using Opera 12.15 with a direct connection to the internet. But this time I downloaded them using Fx.

Using Fx 17.0.11 ESR and the patch installed, I just got 4.1MB/sec download (32.8mbps). My cap is 30mbps down but we all get over the cap especially late at night and in the afternoons. So, a whole year having this problem because I had completely forgotten about the need for this RWIN patch. I should have asked here sooner. At least it is fixed now and if anyone else is getting a Windows 8 computer who uses Proxo and may have forgotten about this patch because they too are coming from XP and installed this patch there many years ago, maybe they will see this thread and remember to install the patch.

Thanks so much JJoe and everyone here! Smile!
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