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can't we create our own global values ?
Jan. 31, 2014, 03:14 AM
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RE: can't we create our own global values ?
(Jan. 30, 2014 04:28 PM)Toppy Wrote:  Thanks for the explanation JJoe, unfortunately this knowledge is way above my hat.Sad

Nah, I'm sure my explanation was inadequate. Smile!

In the Proxomitron exe folder create a folder URLWatch.
In URLWatch folder create a file URLWatch.txt.
In URLWatch.txt add something like

# $LST(URLWatch)
# Purpose: URLs matched will index Hits column on
#  http://local.ptron/.pinfo/lists/URLWatch
# Suggested Use: Add $LST(URLWatch)(^) to Bypass List


In "Bypass List.txt" add


On the Proxomitron's Main dialog click "Config", click "Blockfile", click "Add", navigate to URLWatch.txt, name the Blockfile "URLWatch", click ok.


View http://local.ptron/.pinfo/lists/URLWatch

I see 90 scans and 4 hits.
So, it looks like 1 hit for and 3 to associated addresses.

Don't forget to save new config, if you like.

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