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MizzMona's PtronGUI, version 2.0 pre-release
Jul. 01, 2015, 03:14 AM
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MizzMona's PtronGUI, version 2.0 pre-release
This patcher adds:

MizzMona's PtronGUI, version 2.0. Created and approved by Mona for pre-release at Smile!
This "manifest free" version does not use Windows XP specific styling methods.

amy's OpenSSL routine

RWIN unlock


Copy original "Proxomitron.exe", Naoko 4.5 (2003-6-1),
to Patch2ProxN45j+GUI2+SSL+RWIN folder.
Run "Patch2ProxN45j+GUI2+SSL+RWIN.exe".
Result is a patched Proxomitron exe named "ProxN45j+GUI2+SSL+RWIN.exe".
Move the patched exe to the Proxomitron's folder.

Share the patch not the exe!
Have fun

"AS IS", no guarantees, and etc


MD-5: F2867BEE7180CDC839F7636FDDC1AA74
SHA-256: 7ADC0296D97E24417000C5CAC53C8DFB34A5E6DDEDCEEC168FFE45648803285B

MD-5: 605AFEBDC846CE6F4C5C90DF731EE8EA
SHA-256: 182656A9268101DDEE4A2FB128F1FCB5B9266150185115796F084E5D290510AC

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