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"Recovering" Proxomitron's Source Code...
Jul. 31, 2017, 04:31 AM
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RE: "Recovering" Proxomitron's Source Code...
@zoltan: HTTPS filtering is mostly working (I'm using it right now), but yes, all of what you mentioned would be possible. IPv6 would probably be easier than an Android version (I am not so familiar with that, I believe it would have to be translated to Java(!) first), plus there would be so much more we could do to extend Proxomitron --- HTTP/2, more interesting HTTPS/TLS/SSL stuff, etc. I've already found what I believe to be bugs that no one has noticed, and it would be great to fix those too.

There are approximately 631 functions, of which I have analysed 51 so far. (They vary from one-liners to >100 lines, so it's only a very rough indicator of progress.) I will continue posting progress updates here regularly. Smile!
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