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"Yahoo: Auto Login" filter
Jan. 27, 2008, 09:57 PM
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RE: "Yahoo: Auto Login" filter
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Jan. 27, 2008, 10:03 PM
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RE: "Yahoo: Auto Login" filter
Name = "Yahoo login page cleaner, semi-auto login"

Replace = LoadOff="document.forms.login_form.login.value='username'; document.forms.login_form.passwd.Iputpasswordhere">

The above string ended up garbled in my other post so here it is
again. I put a space between ('username';[space]document.), so
it would be readable, but it's supposed to be one continuous line.

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Feb. 02, 2008, 06:59 PM
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RE: "Yahoo: Auto Login" filter

Sorry for the delay, I've been messing around with another computer lately, and that one doesn't have my bookmarks (yet). Sad

You do wanna keep the single quote marks around the username and passwd values...... that signifies to the browser another level of quoting, the higher level being the double quote marks after the equals sign for the onLoad statement. More often than not, the rule for HTML is, each equals sign gets a set of quote marks, and they can be stacked (or nested), if you switch back and forth between the two kinds of quotes, single and double. Wink

When you say "it doesn't work", that's not very much to go on, in the way of helping you. I'll assume (for now) that you mean 'the filter doesn't ever fire at all'.

Since you integrated it into Sidki's set, I can't give you a definitive answer about conflicts, I don't use his config. I've seen it in action, and a long time ago, I dissected it pretty thoroughly (at his request, looking for bugs), but it's always been more than I needed. I'm from the old school, K.I.S.S., hence my own config, tailored to the sites I visit, and not much else.

One of the best ways to troubleshoot filters is to simply use them alone (or as a small set, like the three I gave you). Since I used Scott's default set as my basis, and continue to do so, I don't think there'd be any problem with adding the Magic-3 to the default set, just to give you a moderate level of filtering while browsing Yahoo. But this is the only way you can really figure out what's going on - is it the filter, or is it the fact that they're integrated into a foreign environment?

If it's the latter, you might check to see if other filters that look at the <body....> tag are set to Multi = TRUE. There is a LOT of garbage between that tag and the words 'Sign In', your current filters might be matching on some of them, and if Multi were set to FALSE, that would probably make my filter inoperable.

To check what's going on here, your first line of attack is the Log Window. Turn that on (using the system tray icon, right click), and watch what happens as the page loads. If it's too fast (very likely), don't worry - you can copy all of it to the clipboard with Ctrl-A, Ctrl-C, then paste it into your favorite editor for easier perusal.

The next tool in your arsenal, and my personal favorite, is the dbug.. feature. After the double slashes in the address bar, and before anything else, insert the dbug.. without any spaces around it. Hit the Enter key. That will tell your browser to display all the code it received, with the filters that matched shown in red, a fast way to see what happened. Much better than "view source", which only shows you the results of any filtering action. The deal here is, you can see in what order the filters fired, giving you a clue about what filter acted on something before your intended filter had a chance.

Oh, and you did build a list for the third filter, right? D'oh!

Hope this was clear. LiarWhistling Let us know what happened.


p.s. I see, upon closer inspection, that your third filter has Match mispelled - the "h" is missing. That'd throw everything in a cocked hat! Banging Head

I'm no longer in the rat race - the rats won't have me!
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Feb. 09, 2008, 05:46 PM
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RE: "Yahoo: Auto Login" filter
No probelm Odyssey.

You're awesome. I'm taking a bit long to respond too, but no worries, it's all good.

Hmm, I still haven't got it working yet. Thanks for all the insight. I'll keep trying. I just thought of something often times Sidki or someone else will post a "mergme" notepad text file with the filter in it. I wonder if it's just a matter of pasting your filter into notepad and and me merging it with Proxo? If this is a hassle I say lets forget it, but if not maybe I can just download the Yahoo filter and merge it? Just a thought. Look at me coming up with all these ideas and making you guys work. LOL. I'll keep trying with the advice in your other post you have alot of great info there. Applause See, if I was as smart as you with Proxomitron we wouldn't be in this mess! D'oh! I'd be done already. Thanks.
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Feb. 10, 2008, 07:33 AM
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RE: "Yahoo: Auto Login" filter

Hmmmm..... I think I see the problem here. Sad

Above, I told you that Proxo's default Lists folder contains a specific list (referenced as LoaderList), and called by the $LST() function. Woe is me, that's not true - I lied through my teeth. Shame

What you're missing is a particular list that I created, and I'll insert that right now:

# Modification of the TempCookies.txt file
# Used to allow certain sites to use the onLoad function
# so that I need not manually click into a log-in/log-on form field
# All wildcards are allowed.
# This is used by the onLoad Unloader filter
# Header Filters: None
# [a-z]
# (http://www.|)
# *

(Notice that I commented this thing!)

1) Copy the above code, save it to a new file in the Lists folder, and call it whatever you wish.

2) Go into Proxo's config screen, and hit the Blockfiles tab.

3) Click on Add, select the file you just saved and stored, and click OK.

4) Give the list a name that will appear in the filter when using the $LST function. As you can see from my example, I called it LoaderList. If you choose some other name, be sure to change the $LST function in the 3rd filter to this new name!

5) Hit the Enter key, return to the main screen, and re-load the config.

6) Test for effectiveness. Anxious

7) Report back here with your results, or with your questions. Whistling



I'm no longer in the rat race - the rats won't have me!
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Feb. 19, 2008, 05:24 PM
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RE: "Yahoo: Auto Login" filter
Hey, everybody.

I hope you are doing well.

Oddysey, I gave it a try man, but it doesn't seem to want to work. I went through all the instructions, but, uhm.. well.. I guess it's just one of those things that remain a mystery. I followed each step and I think I did everything correctly, but then again, we all know one wrong step and it doesn't work.

Anyhow, maybe I'll try this again in the future because I'd really like to make it easier logging into Yahoo! email (ughh, it's time consuming checking 2-3 Yahoo! email accounts, got to put in username, password, over and over and over and over and over, did I say over? ...o.O) but, uhm, I'm going to take a little breather right now, besides I am busy picking up hair off the ground at the moment --the hair I pulled out trying to get this to work. Naw, just kidding Evil Look Me funny.

I would ask Sidki about his Yahoo! filter at Castlecops, but I can't post there. I use an Anonymizer to surf online and Castlecops doesn't allow them. They want everbody's IP address, so they block you from posting until they get it. If someone can give me a good reason why CC needs everyone's IP I'd like to know, other forums like this don't. I post here. No big deal. Anyways, that's more of a statement Microphone than a question... I guess I'm letting my frustrations out.

Thanks, again for all your help everybody. I really appreciate your effort.

Have a great day/night.

Best regards,
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