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About the sidki-set, its future, and its author(s)
Dec. 23, 2008, 08:01 PM
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About the sidki-set, its future, and its author(s)
Hi all,

After a while - i'm back to public Proxomitron, and i'll try to keep it that way. :-)
However, i will have less free Proxomitron cycles (due to monetary and other issues) than before (where it often came close to a full time job).

Sooo... to the config set: I've read and heard that quite some people are still using this set, so i assume that it is a good idea to keep it up to date.

The question is how... The status quo on my part is:
- I'm confident that i can maintain the generic stuff as well as a good part of the tracking/ad/malevolent site lists.
- I doubt that i will be able to maintain the site-specific subsets (Google, Yahoo, but also many adjustments hidden within IncludeExclude or similar lists) or check all site-specific help requests.
- As a start i can post a public config - with all basic stuff i come across working - within a week or two. "basic stuff" includes Google's and Yahoo's various front pages, but not their web applications. Also, the more complex changes i've announced after the last beta release are lost.

Some points to consider:
Apparently - in the long run - this config set can't be maintained by just one person. Again, a time-intense b/c frequently changing part are the site-specific filters. Maybe someone volunteers to take e.g. the Yahoo or Google package? Another possibility would be to drop this kind of filters.

Above mentioned site-specific subsets, but also quite some other filters (e.g. untanglers, media toggles) are strong candidates for public editing. To be successful, this needs to be done in an application environment that allows for history/undo/annotations *and* for entering code as is. IIRC MediaWiki isn't able to fulfill the latter part. Any ideas? What comes to my mind is "Google Code", but i haven't checked this.

*If* public editing, someone (person or group) has to have the final say. I'd suggest that i'll do that till we find a better solution.

Regarding discussion and support: This config set has its own subforum at CastleCops, which AFAIKT works smoothly and is easy to find. Apparently has become a discussion place liked by more experienced users.
Sidki-Set discussions at YG! prox-list seem to be only marginal. If reliable public filter-editing isn't possible at CC or prxbox, we'd need yet another location. Is this (three locations) okay?

Finally, thanks for your support! :-)

P.S.: I have post this message at CastleCops as well.
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