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About the sidki-set, its future, and its author(s)
Dec. 24, 2008, 09:12 AM
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RE: About the sidki-set, its future, and its author(s)
Great news and sad news all at once.

I came here after reading Kye-U's post at dslreports regarding Castlecops closing from which I am still shocked and reeling. I thought maybe here I would find something about recovering the Proxo forums at Castlecops. I get here and see this thread and what a fantastic Christmas present to have you back Sidki! Smile! Smile!

Proxo means the world to me and I love your configs but they do need periodic development. I was beginning to really worry about Proxo and its future. I am very happy to see you back to public Proxomitron. As for donations, YES! I have said several times in forums at various sites that I think that those of us who love and use Proxo but don't know enough to be able to contribute meaningfully regarding filters, config sets, that we should have a way to send some money to those who do this work. Paypal...I hate it and am not a member. I got burned years ago by them. BUT, realistically, I know that is probably the best way to go so, if you do decide to use Paypal, I'll set up an account even though I'd like to never have to do business with them again, however, I feel you should get some compensation so I will do it.

KyeU, I think your offer and setup of a collaborative system for developers is great! I really appreciate all you do for Proxo holding the torch high and maybe you should be added to the Paypal button as your efforts have been critical in keeping Proxo going strong.

KyeU, is everything at Castlecops lost? Can the Proxo forums be saved and archived here? I guess even the page that Paul put up when he learned of Scott's death, and some of us contributed to it (your comment was right under mine I think), is gone also...your link to that page I assume is dead now. I wish we could retrieve that and the Proxo forums.
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