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About the sidki-set, its future, and its author(s)
Dec. 24, 2008, 12:34 PM
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RE: About the sidki-set, its future, and its author(s)
In these euforia days, i also share, for proxomitron world, I would like to share my/our wish/need for fusing the actual projects.
We saw the problem for the complexity of the config from sidki. Many people use it, but how many of them can maintain it? If sidki is not with us, his config would die in two years being the best config available. As he said, it has to be maintained for the community, not only for one person.
Soooo....NOW it's the perfect moment to create the FRAMEWORK everybody would need to share. Doing that, would be the only possibility to give more live to our proxos. Someday, z12, kye-u, proxrocks, sidki, me will leave this project, and will not have the sufficient time to do improvements/maintaining it.
If we fuse our project, step by step, first the framework, later the sidki or gripen config, also the Mele20/besafe/jp10558 config could be made easily.

Thats my hope for the next year: Our FRAMEWORK. And Grypen and Sidki would be really welcome

My best wishes for all Wink
-lnminente (Spain)
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