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About the sidki-set, its future, and its author(s)
Dec. 24, 2008, 04:25 PM
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RE: About the sidki-set, its future, and its author(s)
(Dec. 24, 2008 03:28 PM)43unite Wrote:  You said "I'm confident that i can maintain the generic stuff as well as a good part of the tracking/ad/malevolent site lists." Is it possible to save you a portion of that effort via use of a good 'hosts' file? For example, Proxo users could periodically install a merged hphosts+mvps+lowe hosts file. This can be done individually as desired, or I'd be happy to upload such a maintained one here as needed, because that's what I use. How's that sound?
Heya 43unite,

Well.... That's how JD and i started, but it turned out that a hosts file has different requirements, and is only partly applicable to Proxomitron lists.

Here's how i do it:
Currently, it's sufficient to add around 30 hosts/URLs per year (and remove 10 old ones).

Each new entry should be documented with logged hits, ~3 for major annoyances, >10 for minor ones. To do this, you'd add a temporary log line to the respective list. You'll find an out-commented example log-line at the end of each list. For instance, a new AdHosts test entry would look like...
  ($TST(volat=*.log:[12]*)$ADDLST(Log-Rare,ALST AdH\t\u)|)

...and show up in Log-Rare.log like:

I hope above technical explanation doesn't sound discouraging! Smile!
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