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About the sidki-set, its future, and its author(s)
May. 25, 2010, 08:11 AM
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Big Grin RE: About the sidki-set, its future, and its author(s)
(May. 24, 2010 07:31 PM)sidki3003 Wrote:  All in all, the (last public alpha) config remained refreshingly stable for me. Except for the Google filters. So i'm going to begin with updating (and cutting down) these filters.

Welcome back, you have my support as well. Smile!

I think you're on the exact right track by cutting down on the Google filters, indeed I think the whole pack could become far more powerful from becoming more basic. I have listed a couple of ideas below that might make sense from a "less-dev-effort-more-stable-filter-pack"-perspective.

  1. Get rid of Proxomitron Menu
  2. Get rid of all site specific filters (Yahoo, Google, etc.). They can always be maintained as separate forum/community releases in case there's enough dev-energy to go around!
  3. Cut away anything that is likely to interfere with web 2.0 apps like Gmail and Google Docs.
  4. Remove overly restrictive session/cookie handling which these days often spell disaster for more advanced web apps. Again, separate release would be option for those with interest in limiting cookies hardcore style Wink

All the best with the effort /
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