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Yahoo Filters...
Feb. 28, 2009, 01:13 AM
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RE: Yahoo Filters...
(Feb. 27, 2009 11:57 PM)sidki3003 Wrote:  Also, above mentioned 2nd result, "E-LOAN: Savings Account,..." is a "mined" link. Click link, but don't release mouse button, drag instead, hit ESC, see the link changing.
-> look for "ourl" attribute.

holy crapola!
i don't think i've ever seen anything like that...
cool and "disturbing" all at the same time...
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Mar. 02, 2009, 07:07 PM
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RE: Yahoo Filters...
I'm running below changes for a couple of days, so...

# Force "No JavaScript" layout for image search results.
  $SET(sUserJS=var storetds=[],tor,currb="";)
(We do that for Google searches already.)

Extend to Image and other multi-subdom search sites, add one ID to clean image searches (just one match, attached):
Name = "Yahoo Search: Clean up Site     9.02.28 [sd] (d.s)"
Active = TRUE
URL = "$TYPE(htm)([^/]|search.([^.]+.|)"
Limit = 16384
Match = "<div[^>]++\s("
        "|id=($AV(east|r-e&&\1)|$AV(yschsec&\1)[^>]+> (<img*> )+<h[1-6])"
        ")$INEST(<div,</div)</div >"
        "|<h2> <a[^>]+> sponsor [^<]+</a > </h2 > $NEST(<ul,</ul >)$SET(1=sponsor)"
        "( <div[^>]++class=$AV(whatsthis)$INEST(<div,</div)</div >|)"
        "&($TST(volat=*.log:2*)$ADDLST(Log-Main,[$DTM(d T)]\tSiteSpec YSearch \1 \t\u)|)"
Replace = "\r\n<!-- PROX-S: Removed by Yahoo Search Cleaner (\1) -->\r\n"

Remove apparently obsolete expressions (check your personal's!), correct minor bugs, add a test for onclick activities (matches attached).
Name = "Yahoo et al.: Multi URL Untangler     9.02.28 (multi) [sd] (d.s) TEST8"
Active = TRUE
Multi = TRUE
URL = "($TYPE(htm)|$TYPE(js))([^/]|[^.]|(www.|)"
Bounds = "<a*>|<form*>"
Limit = 1024
Match = "<(a(rea)+|form)\0(\s*(href|action)=)\2$AVQ((\\+"+(^ \+))\6(^javascript:)(?*)\1)"
        "((*(done\=|search\?|\=%22)*)\8|\8;_yl[ct]\=[^"'?&\\ ]+\5|\8)$SET(3=\6http\7:\9/\9/$UESC(\8)\5)"
        "\8;_yl(c\=|t\=(^*\*-+http))[^"'?&\\ ]+$SET(3=\6\8\5)\5"
        "&(^$TST(comment=1)|$TST(tNoscript=1))$SET(1=$TST(\2=(^*class=)*) class=\6ProXPref\6)"
Replace = "<\0\1\2\3\4"

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