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Kye-U's Guide to Surfing Anonymously!
Apr. 01, 2004, 12:31 AM
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I just love it ! The thing is , that it is not only the net where you can be had today , but it's everywhere . The bottom line man , is the bottom line $ . For example , I was at Radio Shack the other day for some batteries and when I paid , the guy asked for my phone number . Now if I were gay that would be reasonable , but the S.O.B. was setting me up , a la Radio Shack . I have been had a few times at e-Bay and have shot myself in the foot more than once . The last time was when I outbid some people for a $5 clock for which I paid $50 ! The people who I was bidding against worked for the guy who was selling the damn thing . The web is dangerous , but that's what makes it addictive . Try to out smart the other guy . Be a little wiser , surf like a shadow , don't get pissed when someone's gets you . That's what it is all about . Gotcha . I was at my local Jeep dealer the other day for a simple fix on a recall , and walked out with an estimate of what I needed -- $ 1500 in recommended repairs ! It's like going to a doctor for a headache and being told you need to have your balls cut off . Reminds me of of joke ; a guy has had headaches for 20 years and finally goes to the doctor who tells him he needs to have his balls cut off . The guy is stunned by the advice but decides the doctor knows best and goes ahead with the operation . After a few weeks , fully recovered , he feels wonderful ; no more headaches . He decides that this is a new lease on life for him and he needs some new clothes . He visits his local Brooks Bros. mens store where the haberdasher asks what is his size jacket . 44 he responds . No sir , you are definitely a 46 . He tries the jacket on and the 46 fits perfectly . Like a glove . I need some underwear as well . What size asks the haberdasher ? 32 , he responds . No , no , you are a 38 for sure . He tries on the size 38 and it fits perfectly . The customer is dumbfounded and asks how he knew . The haberdasher says I've been doing this for thirty years and I know sizes and when your underwear is tight it give you terrible headaches ! Have a great evening ! Ralph
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Apr. 01, 2004, 12:58 AM
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lol... amen, brother...

I walked out of a Radio Shack once because the kid behind the counter 'refused' to sell me a handful of electronics components because when asked for my phone number, I said "unlisted, unpublished"... And when then prompted for my work number, I replied "none of your business"... Then I was told that the register would not ring up the stuff without a number and that they don't sell the numbers... Okay, I said, use 123-4567... Oh, an area code, make it (123) 456-7890... The kid said that wouldn't work, so I left the stuff right on the counter and walked right out... I haven't stepped foot in a Radio Shack ever since - dang near five years now...

Same thing goes for a local barber that insisted that the only way to put me 'in the system' is by my phone number...

Now whenever asked for a number, I simply reply "42" (you Douglas Adams fans know what I'm talking about)...

ps - sorry, absolutely nothing to do with anonymous surfing, of course...
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Apr. 01, 2004, 06:40 PM
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Right on, brother!! Cheers You called it in one! Hail


Yeah, Radio Shabby knows how to piss off more potential customers in one day than most stores even see come in their doors during that same day. [angry]

'Tis a shame that ignorance isn't painful! [lol]


p.s. Tight underwear also makes one write long diatribes, with the unfounded belief that others will take such posts for pearls of wisdom!! [smoke]

I'm no longer in the rat race - the rats won't have me!
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Nov. 20, 2004, 02:10 PM
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yea... 42 is the numeric answer to all of life's problems (even tho' I'm tempted to make it 13... Big Teeth )
and yes, Ralph did hit the nail right on the head (err, the nuts on the head?) The online place is a BAAAAD place. I mean, the next guy you meet online may turn out to be a psycho killer (better chance of finding a deranged bot, but still)
So, anyone uses JAP (Java anonymous proxy?)

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