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Java Filter
Jul. 15, 2004, 10:33 PM
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This one is for sidki3003. I use this filter for Flash

Name = "Convert Flash animations to links [jor]"
Active = TRUE
URL = "($TYPE(htm)|$TYPE(js)|$TYPE(vbs))(^$TST(keyword=*.(flash|code).*))"
Bounds = "$NEST(<object\s[^>]++(classid=$AV(clsid:D27CDB6E-AE6D-11cf-96B8-444553540000)|type=$AV(application/x-shockwave-flash))[^>]+>,</object>)|<embed\s[^>]++src=$AV(*.swf*)[^>]+>(*</embed>|)"
Limit = 2048
Match = "((<embed\s[^>]++src=$AV((*.swf*)\2)|"
"*<param name=$AV(movie) value=$AV(\2) (/|)>)*)"
"<span id="PrxFlashInfo" class="Prox" style="display:$GET(displayI)">"
"&#8593;<a id="PrxFlashInfo" class="Prox" href="jPrxToggle('PrxFlash','id','yes')""
" target="_self">flash[/url] </span>"
"&($TST(log=[12])$ADDLST(LogRare,[$DTM(d T)] \tWEB Flash_Animations \t\2 \t\u)|)"
Replace = "<a href="\2" class="flash" "
"type="application/x-shockwave-flash" "
"class="proxlink">\2[/url] "

and this to deal with the loading of Java Applets

Name = "<applet>: Allow/Deny the loading of Java Applets by Class "
Active = TRUE
URL = "($TYPE(htm)|$TYPE(js)|$TYPE(vbs))(^$TST(keyword=*.(java|code).*))"
Bounds = "<applet\s*</applet>"
Limit = 12000
Match = "<applet*code=$AV(\1)*"
"$ASK(AllowApplet, DenyApplet,"
"Continue loading this Java Applet \n \u\n[\1]?, \1, \1)"
"<span id="PrxAppletInfo" class="Prox" style="display:$GET(displayI)">"
"&#8593;<a id="PrxAppletInfo" class="Prox" href="jPrxToggle('PrxApplet','id','yes')""
" target="_self">applet[/url] </span>"
"&($TST(log=[12])$ADDLST(LogRare,[$DTM(d T)] \tWEB Java_Applets_by_Class \t\1 \t\u)|)"
Replace = "<AppletKilled>"

is it possible or you to to modify the Java Applets filter so that it performs similar to the Flash Fliter i.e allows me to click on it if I want it to load?
(I am not sure if I had asked this before. Please ignore this request if I did.)

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Jul. 15, 2004, 11:42 PM
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Yes, we had that before, but since all those posts are gone down the drain, it makes sense to repeat it. Smile!

You can play a flash by just clicking on a link like "this_flash.swf", no other information is needed (although it's there inside the object to fine-tune the playback).

A Java-class file is different, it needs the extra information - the applet "environment" - and can't run without it. So the only thing one can do is hiding the applet and making it visible on click, hence the "<applet>: Toggle Java Applets" filter.

The good news is that Mozilla and Opera are *not* downloading the Java-class file before the applet is visible. IOW, unless you are still using IE, there is zero danger or bandwidth usage before you actually click on the toggle link.
Same goes for Flash btw.

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