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How to update Sidki Feb to June?
Oct. 25, 2009, 09:20 AM (This post was last modified: Oct. 25, 2009 09:41 AM by leecovuk.)
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How to update Sidki Feb to June?
Just whilst I'm here and thinking about Prox;

I decided, for no real reason to be honest, to rebuild my Sidki config from the original Feb release then add the June update across it.
I've however come across the same issue as when I did it back in June, which is my IncludeExclude-U.ptxt is being ignored. (I don't mean I haven't re-entered my personal exclusions into it after updating)

I forget now how I got back on track, but it may have been due to selecting a specific 'base' config file after copying the update across the old files. I understand from reading Sidki's comments that the update is not a full config, so presumably right now I am missing part of it.

I can and have hazarded an educated guess, but to clarify;
If we want to download and copy in a fresh Feb Sidki then download and copy the June update on top of it, which base config file is then the one to use?
ie either sidki_2009-02-13.ptron or sidki_oob.ptron ?
I think those two files give the same result in a 'normal' fresh config install, but it appears after this update they have different 'last modified' dates.

Alternatively, if we already have a Sidki February based config we are happy with, and it is stored as default.cfg, can we just copy the update on top and continue to use default.cfg ?
Would that add/remove any config set parts correctly whilst leaving in place, for example, a previously merged JJoe's YLogin?

Many thanks,

PS I have already seen Sidki's update install comments, but they aren't quite completing my understanding of this, for some reason or other.
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Oct. 25, 2009, 10:47 AM
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RE: How to update Sidki Feb to June?
Hello again,

I think I've worked out my answer to 1) by re-reading Sidki's online help docs. The oob.ptron doesn't look at the bypass list or IncludeExclude-U.ptxt, and I presumably had selected the oob.ptron as the new base after updating.

I would have thought I'd have fallen foul of this before, but I only seem to recall having my issue on this update.

I also appreciate Sidki's comments in the update topic essentially answer my point 2), although for some reason I don't quite get it.
Luckily, I only use YLogin along with Sidki's config, so it is simple to save the new 'base' as default.cfg, do the config merge, then re-save default.cfg

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