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Convert Proxomitron Filters to Glimmerblocker
May. 14, 2010, 11:34 AM
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Convert Proxomitron Filters to Glimmerblocker

I'm looking to convert proxomitron filters to work with GlimmerBlocker however I don't have much experience writing proxomitron filters and I was hoping that I could get some assistance with this task.

GlimmerBlocker uses xml to describe its rules like so

Quote:<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<rule priority="2" host="" host-type="is" path="/img.php" path-type="is" query="image=" query-type="contains" type="modify" whitelist="1">
<comments><![CDATA[Skip "TOS" dialog.]]></comments>
<transform language="js" version="1" content-type="html"><![CDATA[replace(/checkSurfBegin\(\);/g, ";");]]></transform>
<rule priority="2" host="" host-type="is" path="/inc_NEW/style.css" path-type="is" type="modify" whitelist="1">
<comments><![CDATA[Hide ads]]></comments>
<transform language="js" version="1" content-type="css"><![CDATA[t += "\n/* GlimmerBlocker: */\n" +
"\n" + // ads are inline, and not loaded using JS.
"{ display: none; }\n";]]></transform>

I hope to create a mapping between Proxomitron actions and GlimmerBlocker so I can write a converter program. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated
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