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Beta Config (Sep 19 2010)
Oct. 17, 2010, 11:28 AM
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RE: Beta Config (Sep 19 2010)
Here is an update for the session-only cookie filters.

Since "pYY" holds the respective previous year in 2-digit format, the filters should do their job the next years without further editing the "year" strings. (The contained test is a little redundant for the rest of 2010, but that doesn't really matter.)

[HTTP headers]
Key = "Set-Cookie: 4b Make Cookies Session only     10.10.17 (cch!) [srl sd] (d.r) (In)"
URL = "$TST(flag=*.cookie_s:[12].*)"
Match = "?&\0&(\#; ((expires)\1=(^[^;]++(19[#10:99]|20(0[0-9]|$TST(pYY))|-([#70:99]|0[0-9]|([0-9][0-9]&&$TST(pYY)))(^-)))|(max-age)\1=[#1:*])$LOG(wRESP $DTM(c) : Set-Cookie \1 filtered: \0)($TST(volat=*.log:2*)$ADDLST(Log-Main,[$DTM(d T)]\tHDR_In Set-Cook_\1 \t\0 \tRef: $GET(hOrigRef) URL: \u)|)[^;]+)+{1,*}\#"
Replace = "\@"

Name = "<meta> Rename: Make Cookies Session only     10.10.17 (cch!) [srl sd] (d.1)"
Active = TRUE
URL = "$TST(hCT=*html)$TST(flag=*.cookie_s:[12].*)(^$TST(keyword=*.a_code.*))"
Bounds = "<meta\s*>"
Limit = 512
Match = "*http-equiv=$AV(Set-Cookie)"
        "&\1; ("
        "&*content="+ \3 ="
        "%3Cspan class=%22Pr0xFly-Span%22%3E$GET(mHead) Meta Cookie:%3C/span%3E"
        " $ESC(\3)%3Cbr class=%22Pr0xFly-Br%22 /%3E"
        "($TST(volat=*.log:2*)$ADDLST(Log-Main,[$DTM(d T)]\tWEB meta_Set-Cookie_\0 \t---\t\u)|)"
Replace = "\1\2"

Name = "Remove: Make Server-Push Cookies Session only     10.10.17 (cch!) [sd] (d.1)"
Active = TRUE
URL = "$TST(hCT=*html)$TST(spBounds=*)$TST(flag=*.cookie_s:[12].*)"
Limit = 4096
Match = "Set-Cookie:(^$TST(tHtml=*))([^\r\n]++)\1; ("
        "&($TST(volat=*.log:2*)$ADDLST(Log-Main,[$DTM(d T)]\tWEB Push_Cookie_\0 \t--- \t\u)|)"
Replace = "Set-Cookie:\1"

Name = "Block: Make JS Cookies Session only     10.10.17 (cch!) [srl sd] (d.2)"
Active = TRUE
URL = "($TST(hCT=*html)|$TYPE(js)|$TYPE(vbs))$TST(flag=*.cookie_s:[12].*)(^$TST(keyword=*.a_code.*))"
Limit = 64
Match = "expires("
        "\=|new Date|" '|(" ;+ |)expires"
        "|" ,[^;\r\n]|UTC)String"
        "&($TST(volat=*.log:2*)$ADDLST(Log-Main,[$DTM(d T)]\tWEB JS_Cookie_\0 \t---\t\u)|)"
Replace = "prxVoidV\1"
Oct. 17, 2010, 05:15 PM
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RE: Beta Config (Sep 19 2010)
Another update. It will also match at , thus making radio station selection work again.

Name = "<script>: Cut: Chained Ad Path URLs     10.10.17 (multi) [sd] (d.1)"
Active = TRUE
Multi = TRUE
URL = "$TST(hCT=*html)"
Bounds = "$NEST(<script\s,*src=$AV(*,*)*,>)"
Limit = 1024
Match = "(*src=)\1$AVQ("
        ",+((https+%3a)+//($LST(AdHosts-J))\8$SET(a=$GET(a) AdHj \8)|((^(^http))|(^http))("
        "$LST(AdList)$SET(a=$GET(a) \9)|(^$TST(keyword=*.a_track_s.*))"
        "((^http|[/.])|((https+%3a)+//[^/?]+)+*[/=_-])($LST(AdPaths-J)(^[a-z0-9]))\8$SET(a=$GET(a) AdPj \8)"
        "%3Cspan class=%22Pr0xFly-Span%22%3E$GET(mHead) Chain URL:%3C/span%3E"
        "$ESC($GET(a))%3Cbr class=%22Pr0xFly-Br%22 /%3E"
        "($TST(volat=*.log:2*)$ADDLST(Log-Main,[$DTM(d T)]\tWEB JS_Chain_URL \4 \t$GET(a) \t\u)|)"
        "($TST(\4=[=?,])$TST(volat=*.log:[12]*)$ADDLST(Log-Rare,WEB JS_Chain_URL \4 \t$GET(a) \t\u)|)"
        "$SET(a=\@)$TST(a=\4,+ ("+)\5(^?))$SET(a=\4\5)"
Replace = "\1\2$GET(a)\3$SET(a=)"

To listen to a radio station at, either click the "flash" link at the page bottom, before selecting a station.
Or add below entry to the global Exceptions list (have done this too):
Code:                              $SET(0=a_flash.)
Oct. 19, 2010, 03:00 PM
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RE: Beta Config (Sep 19 2010)
Another update.

Name = "<script> Block: All Third Party Scripts     10.10.19 (cch!) [u sd] (d.0)"
Active = TRUE
URL = "($TST(hCT=*html)|$TYPE(js)|$TYPE(vbs))$TST(keyword=*.i_script:11.*)"
Bounds = "<(s|\" [+,] \"s|\' [+,] \'s|\\s)(\\|" [+,] ')+c[^>]++src=$AV(*)*>"
Limit = 2048
Match = "$TST(script=[1s]&\2)<(*c)+{1}(\\|" [+,] ')+r(\\|" [+,] ')+i(\\|" [+,] ')+"
        "p(\\|" [+,] ')+t(" [+,] ')+(\sfor\=\"proxMoved|\s)\1*src=("
        "(^$TST(\2=1c))(http[^>]+)\4|\\(")\6 (^\\$TST(\6))(\4) \\$TST(\6)|$AV( \4)"
        "$SET(#=$TST((\7)=*)?prx-w:$ESC(\7))$SET(#=\5 charset=\4)"
        "| charset=$AV(*)))+"
        "($TST(\2=1c)( [a-z][a-z]+=$AV((^")*))\#+(*( /)\#$SET(#=$TST(hCT=xhtml)$SET(script=))|*)"
        "1(c$SET(script=void)|)($TST(\1=\sfor*)$SET(1=pre )|$SET(1=$GET(mHead)))"
        "%3Cspan class=%22Pr0xFly-Span%22%3E\1 3rd Party:%3C/span%3E"
        " $ESC(\9)%3Cbr class=%22Pr0xFly-Br%22 /%3E"
        "<span class=\5Pr0x&#x20;Pr0xAdScript\5 style=\5display:$GET(displayD)\5>"
        "&#8226;&#160;JS 3rd Party: \9</span>"
        "($TST(volat=*.log:2*)$ADDLST(Log-Main,[$DTM(d T)]\tWEB JS_3rdP\t\9 \t\u)|)"
Replace = "\0<\@>"
Oct. 20, 2010, 04:30 PM
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RE: Beta Config (Sep 19 2010)
I'm in process of finalizing the next config version now. Smile!

What's not in:

YouTube specific Flash Toggle adjustments:
Posted "Proof of Concept" versions of the supposedly generic Flash filter contain code that is specifically targeted at YouTube.
More importantly, increasing the byte limit of such a complex filter by factor four may have a severe impact on reliability and/or CPU usage.
If at all, effects of such a change would need to be monitored for a longer period.
As has been stated before, this kind of job should be done by a site-specific filter.

YouTube InVideo Ads:
Not long ago lnminente and myself were looking for a generic way to remove ads coupled to Flash movies.
Bottom line: For every approach we tried there was a major site becoming defunct, because it was testing for the presence of blocked ad code.
IOW, again an issue calling for a site-specific (and possibly frequently updated) solution.
Oct. 23, 2010, 07:59 PM
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RE: Beta Config (Sep 19 2010)
Beta stage is now finished. I have uploaded the release config version.

All bug reports and suggestions (if appropriate) have been taken into account.
Also, there were a lot of Log submissions, accelerating things considerably.
Thanks for your help!

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