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Post: #1 Alert box (gTranslate Fox addon blocked)
I get blocked with this alert box: uses an invalid security certificate.

Firefox 3.019 + gTranslate addon (last version = gtranslate-0_8-fx.xpi)
proxo = filter HTTPS = on - advanced mode

Have been using this very handy immediate translation tool (select text -> right-clic -> press "T" and translation appears almost instantly) for years without any problem (v 0.6 still works fine), but whith last version (0.8), I get this alert and it works no more (see attachment for snapshot). Have they succumbed to a recent bad habit to call some apis from google to display the page ?
Anyhow, Fox doesn't show the usual interactive dialogbox to allow an exception, so, as the translation is in a context-menu window, it disappears when I press on the alertbox OK button.

Problem occurs with: oob config from alpha 2009-05-24 & beta 2010 & my own config derived from alpha 20090524.

I renewed my "proxcert.pem" today because I originally had one more line in the box saying "certificate expired on 26-09-2010", but with the new cert, I still get blocked. So isn't because of cert expiration.

"2.2 Use Half-SSL" -> ON doesn't change, still blocked
"7.2 Block all Third Party Scripts" off = still blocked

"BYPASS filter" --> works OK

Any idea about solving this, except regressing to version 0.6 ?
Thanks in advance.
Edit: Forgot these precisions: gTranslate settings = FROM "Auto-detect language" TO "French"
And this page is ok to show the problem, no need for another link.

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Oct. 23, 2010, 07:01 PM
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RE: Alert box (gTranslate Fox addon blocked)
You could...
- Try adding...
... to Bypass-SSL.ptxt (no final slash but colon!!) and see if that helps.

- Stop filtering HTTPS, see ReadMe.txt for further instructions.

- I don't know this extension, but usually it's an xpi/jar double-zip, hence easy to extract. Apparently in the last version the protocol has been changed from HTTP to HTTPS. So you could just change it back. Look for "https" in *.js and *.xul files.
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Oct. 23, 2010, 11:08 PM
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RE: Alert box (gTranslate Fox addon blocked)
Thanks for the new Config, Sidki.

I just finished updating my Proxo with sidki-2010-10-23 a few minutes ago and discovered the new Bypass-SSL list. Alas, adding "" to the end of the list has NOT changed anything, the alert still pops up and blocks operation.

After that, I returned here and discovered your reply. Yesterday, I had extracted the "gtranslate-0.6-fx.xpi" (easy with Universal Extractor) to try to understand how the script works, but it's far beyond my abilities, and I didn't go on with the new 0.8 version.

After reading your post, and as I DO NOT want to bypass any page, was it https, I returned to the 0.8 xpi and looked for "https://" which gave me this url:
Code: ...

Here is the solution:

Simply went to that "" url in Firefox, which popped up the "Page load error (Security Alert)" DIALOG box, and I was then able to enter it as a permanent security exception.

Now, the new version of gTranslate works like a charm, and it's a delight:

To get any selected group of words in any language translated in french (or any other available language), just hover the "translate ..." item in the context menu and the translation instantly appears without any keystroke or mouse gesture.

Very very nice. Source = (2.2 millions downloads)

** Problem is S O L V E D **
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Oct. 23, 2010, 11:21 PM
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RE: Alert box (gTranslate Fox addon blocked)
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Oct. 24, 2010, 01:07 PM
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RE: Alert box (gTranslate Fox addon blocked)
PS: About "gTranslate", I was wrong about the Length of the Test Selected for translation:

in fact the size of the text to translate is UNLIMITED. When it's larger that the translation box (about 15 words), you just have to click on the translation and the whole Google Translator page opens in a new tab (found in the FAQ)

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