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Google Alt Disp - 7/1 -> 7/24 -> 8/9 -> 3/30
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myBB Google Alt Disp - 7/1 -> 7/24 -> 8/9 -> 3/30
if you are updating from the last release, only the "" attachment is "new"...

screen-caps also updated...

Install Instructions: Step A - Deactivate Original Filters
(new install, if you are "updating" my theme pack, this step can be skipped...)
(if you are "updating", you can jump directly to Step D...)

assumes the latest sidki set (link) as your starting point...
2011-12-22rc1 as of this posting...
(referenced "original filters" are abbreviated below)

1) Disable/Uncheck - "Google Search: Alternate Display"
2) Disable/Uncheck - ". + Google Toggle: Left NavBar"
3) Disable/Uncheck - ". + Google Theme: Dark Blue"
4) Disable/Uncheck - "Google Search: Add Modifier Links"
5) Disable/Uncheck - "Google Images: Direct Links"

save config...

Install Instructions: Step B - Adding HTML Content
(new install, if you are "updating" my theme pack, this step can be skipped as the contents of has not changed since this theme pack went public...)

1) maintain the "directory structure" of the attached and copy into your Proxo's "html" directory...
your "html" directory should now have two subfolders added to it, "Grypen_HTML" and "My_HTML"...
and they each have their own subfolders as well...

Install Instructions: Step C - Adding Theme Pack Dependencies
(new install, if you are "updating" my theme pack, this step can be skipped...)

1) in the sidki config section titled "||| Pre-Body", you will find a filter named "Header Top Reinsert: Pre-Head Blocks"...
add this filter directly ABOVE that filter -
Name = "Header Top Add: User JS Code - Google Preview [add]"
Active = TRUE
URL = "(^TYPE(oth))"
Limit = 16
Match = "(^(^<ProxHdrTop>))$STOP()"
Replace = "\t<script type="text/javascript">//<![CDATA[\r\n"
          "\t function GooglePrv(Gid,Gsrc,Glid,Gplid) {\r\n"
          "\t \r\n"
          "\t prxO.oInt.inToggleB(Gplid,'id','a',1);\r\n"
          "\t prxO.oInt.inToggleB(Glid,'id','a',1);\r\n"
          "\t prxO.oInt.inToggleB(Gid,'id','div',1);\r\n"
          "\t \r\n"
          "\t var Giframe = document.createElement("iframe");\r\n"
          "\t Giframe.setAttribute("src", Gsrc );\r\n"
          "\t Giframe.setAttribute("width", "95%" );\r\n"
          "\t Giframe.setAttribute("height", "300px" );\r\n"
          "\t \r\n"
          "\t document.getElementById(Gid).appendChild(Giframe);\r\n"
          "\t }\r\n"
          "\t \r\n"
          "\t function GooglePrvC(Gid,Glid,Gplid) {\r\n"
          "\t \r\n"
          "\t prxO.oInt.inToggleB(Gplid,'id','a',1);\r\n"
          "\t prxO.oInt.inToggleB(Glid,'id','a',1);\r\n"
          "\t prxO.oInt.inToggleB(Gid,'id','div',1);\r\n"
          "\t \r\n\t }\r\n\t//]]></script>\r\n"

2) 7/24/12 update, faking user agent string as Opera instead of IE
8/9/12 update, faking Googlebot user agent string
add-and-save this to your Exceptions-U file
don't forget that Exc-U entries should not "double-match", so i am assuming that you don't have conflicting Exc-U entries -
# Google Search - results pages

Install Instructions: Step D - Adding Theme Pack Filters
(if updated, the filters "date code" will guide you as to which need updated or not...)
(or, just delete all of the "Alt Disp" filters since your last update and copy all anew...)

1) in the sidki config section titled "||| Google", BETWEEN the now-deactivated (Step A) "Google Search: Alternate Display" and ". + Google Toggle: Left NavBar", place the actual Theme Pack Filters (there are eleven of them) from the attached (the .txt file inside that .zip contains eleven twelve filters)...

save config...

whoala! you're ready to go...
screen-caps of the Theme Pack are also attached...

a reminder, this Theme is its "own" Theme, it is not intended to work "with" the three that come "with" the sidki config [Dark Blue, Dark Gray, Light Blue]... if it does, all the power to it, but it is not "tested" with them (and nor are there any plans to)...

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