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uTorrent conflicts?
Sep. 30, 2012, 06:18 PM
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uTorrent conflicts?
Hi, just wanted to share some of the problems and solutions I had yesterday.

I had Proxo(mitron) working fine for a week, and then when I went to open up multiple instances of firefox via different profiles. (link on how-to below)

So everything was fine at first, until I set both instances of Firefox to use Proxo via localhost:8080

Then, everytime I tried to open up a webpage in either FF instance, I would receive a minimal page with only the error/words listed of "invalid request" in the upper left corner... not much of an error code is it? Doing several google searches and not anything useful came up.

[Actually I discovered at this point that I COULD use different instances of Proxo via a Patch found...
but that's another story, as I wasn't too keen on the idea.]

I was a little disgruntled at the idea of having Proxo only filter one instance of Firefox at a time, but it was better than nothing. But when I closed the second instance of FFox, I still couldn't access any webpages (un-less, of course, I went through "Direct Connection" rather than localhost:8080).

So, I tried to set localhost to :9090 instead, making sure to set Proxo's internal setting to :9090 as welll. But nope, that didn't work either, and I was only getting the mysterious "invalid request" page.

(I should mention that all google and mozilla domains were working... but what good is google if you can't then access a search result?)

Also note, that I installed FoxyProxy Basic at this point to facilitate the grunt work of switching proxies from localhost to direct-connection back and forth. Yet... every time I tried to switch proxies in it... it would say "Unrecognized Mode Specified". Well, at least some other FF addon was able to switch proxies around (Proxy Selector).

So I'm beginning to realize I've got problems at this point. I (thank goodness) came across some ideas to try accessing localhost directly via the (http://) address bar of the browser. But none of the localhosts (:8080, :80,, etc) worked, either through direct connection or localhost:8080 manual setting). (see below for similar line of reasoning)

But I sensed I was on the right track, so I pressed on.

After researching some more, I tried opening up CMD.exe as admin, and typed in "netstat -a -b" first, then "netstat -o" next, to try and find what was using my :8080 port connection so that proxomitron couldn't use it. But that only showed Proxomitron itself using the :8080 port.

I was a little mystified at this point, but was even more perplexed when suddenly the localhost connection (thru Proxo) started working again! Yay! Yay! then... then..... *POOF* -- it suddenly went off again.

So I begrudgingly did what I knew all along from the very start would fix the problem, though I was so loathe to do it. I got up from my chair, went to my utility closet, and found my dirty 9-lb sledge hammer and spit on my palms and.... oh, just fantasizing there!

I restarted the computer, and Proxo and Firefox are working again. Yay!, but I guess I don't have to tell you what happend then... yup, the same ol' "invalid request" pages again started.

Soo... um, long story made short? uTorrent.

Don't ask me how I coerced my computer to reveal such secrets. (ok, ok, water-boarding might of had something to do with it... )

There's a setting inside uTorrent > Preferences > Advanced > WebUI that lists :8080 as the default alternative port. Ok. Know what the kicker is? I didn't even have the option activated. Nope, WebUI was completely turned off, and all the options (like to set the alternative port to some other #) were greyed out.

So, nevertheless, changing that setting and some other uTorrent settings, and a few prayers and a little while later...

Voila! Now I have Proxo working and multiple Firefox instances also working all at the same time, all set to route thru localhost:8080. Thumbs Up


PS - I've actually used Proxo for nearly a decade, but just built a new Windows 7 x64 machine. Also note, that I've used uTorrent for years as well. I'm not sure why they suddenly didn't like each other... maybe it does yet have something to do with multiple FFox profile running simultaneously. But I thought somebody might run into the same situation... so hope this helps people using Proxomitron at least be aware of some potential road-hazards and solutions. If anybody else has had a similar story or know of any info that might shed some light on the (hopefully resolved) problem, please share! Thanks.

PPS - I think uTorrent was just intermittently using the :8080 port for it's nefarious deeds... (um, like downloading an illegal copy of "Dark Ops: Secrets of Water-Boarding"), and that's why maybe CMD.exe (via netstat) wouldn't show it... as well as also explaining why sometimes Firefox (when routed thru localhost:8080) would work and sometimes it wouldn't.

PPS - Seriously, waterboarding is torture, and I don't wish to make too much light-heartedness of something that can so terrify someone, whether guilty or not.
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