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Adapting proxo 4.5 to the latest OpenSSL DLLs
Mar. 24, 2015, 12:32 AM
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RE: Adapting proxo 4.5 to the latest OpenSSL DLLs
Quote:Did you and the others install Visual C++ 2008 Redistributables on your machines?
A quick check shows VC+ redistributables 2008 are installed. No idea if the other posters at Wilders have it installed.
Quote:However, would you test the dlls at ? I am interested in i386-win32 versions posted in March 2015.
The ReadMe claims "no noteworthy dependencies" and "Windows 2000 up to Windows 8". It may be that Win98 was not tested.
They worked fine on the virtual XP. Not working on 98, even with VC+2008.
Quote:I scanned the "Food for thought" post at Wilders.
Browser choice is important. Mozilla (Firefox, Palemoon, etc) rejects self-signed certs.
That gets more interesting. I'm also running an older PaleMoon on my 98 unit. It does accept the Proxomitron certificate, as does SeaMonkey.

It may not be apparent in that thread, but there's a growing distrust of Mozilla, especially FireFox and a good amount of frustration over the alternatives, or lack of. As fast as they're changing, how can a user be sure that those changes don't make the bypassing of extensions like NoScript a real possibility? That's one of the main reason I prefer Proxomitron. Short of removing the ability to use a proxy, nothing that they change can bypass it. Based on what I've seen there, if the HTTPS and certificate issues can be addressed, a fair number of people would be using it again.
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