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"Recovering" Proxomitron's Source Code...
Mar. 19, 2018, 11:39 AM
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RE: "Recovering" Proxomitron's Source Code...
Still going through the code and cleaning it up, mostly renaming things now that I understand it more. Another interesting fact: named matching variables reuses a lot of the same code as headers --- probably because they're also name-value pairs.

(Mar. 07, 2018 04:36 PM)mizzmona Wrote:  Oh, and say...

If you don't mind...
Whenever convenient...
"foo shoe moo"...?
(or was it "moo shoe foo"...)

It's been driving me nuts for ages. =)
I came across that too... from what I can see, it's just something left over from an experiment with tooltips that Scott might've been planning to add to the Web Page Filters dialog. Not really a hidden feature or Easter Egg or anything quite as interesting:
  if(((NMHDR*)lp)->code == TTN_GETDISPINFOA)
   ((NMTTDISPINFOA*)lp)->lpszText = "foo\r\nshoe\r\nmoo";
  return lp;
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