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"Recovering" Proxomitron's Source Code...
Apr. 30, 2018, 04:26 AM (This post was last modified: Apr. 30, 2018 04:27 AM by amy.)
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RE: "Recovering" Proxomitron's Source Code...
One day before the target and it's nearly there --- it compiles and most of the warnings are gone, but still crashes with SSL and somewhere inside page and incoming header filtering. Outgoing headers and basic non-filtered requests work. Unfortunately I seem to have made a bunch of little mistakes that will take a little longer to debug... Sad

I'll keep working on it and when it's usable, use it personally for a week (fixing any further bugs found) before releasing it here. No doubt y'all will find more bugs I introduced, and then eventually it'll be as good as, and then better than, the original Proxomitron. My tentative name for it is "Proxomitron Reborn".
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