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Proxomitron Reborn
Dec. 27, 2019, 10:37 AM (This post was last modified: Jan. 05, 2020 03:10 PM by DullFace.)
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RE: Proxomitron Reborn
(Dec. 26, 2019 01:07 AM)amy Wrote:  - Name new blocklist as file name instead of NewItem
A small feature request, which seemed safe to do as I doubt anyone was relying on NewItem being the name.
Thanks. I forgot to add "without extension", but delete it is simpler than writing new meaningful name :-D


My config contains custom AccessRange (i experimented long time ago), in configration dialog i choosed "limit access to only this PC"
AccessRange =
Port = 65535
When i press 'abort' button, in log window appears 2 lines, second matches with first number in AccessRange:
Listening on port 65535
Listening on port 123
And i have issues with proxy - ProxomitronReborn_4605R don't show connects

I set AccessRange to "" for now (i don't use it anyway).


Reborn limits speed to ~300 KB/s, i remembered about old RWIN patch and did same - speed increased:
0000AF79: 04 00
It's right after showing message "Can't open client socket"

I forgot about RcvBuf :-D
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Mar. 08, 2020, 02:51 PM
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RE: Proxomitron Reborn
Pressing 'Abort' somitimes may hung Proxomitron: it writes '-- Aborting --' in status line and stops accepting connections (Error #10061), after pressing 'log window' it writes 'Active connections: 01'.
"can't alter configuration" window appears when i press reload button, 'kill connection' also don't works. After closing it with cross in window corner status changing to "--- Config Reloaded ---".
After "exiting" in main window log window don't disappears, process still stays in memory (task manager shows it), icon in traybar disappears on hovering curson.
I can start second instance from same path - brower start working.
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Mar. 08, 2020, 10:16 PM
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RE: Proxomitron Reborn
Regarding "abortion and its side-effects", see my 4th paragraph here:

(tl;dr: known issue, hard to fix, planned to fix... as time allows)
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May. 21, 2020, 12:30 PM
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RE: Proxomitron Reborn

I'm shocked. Still using the original Proxomitron and always searching (for several years for a replacement. Will try this one for sure it seems it's been years without searching for it again.

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Sep. 25, 2020, 04:37 PM (This post was last modified: Sep. 29, 2020 08:28 AM by mizzmona.)
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RE: Proxomitron Reborn
Hi amy, I've been exploring the program more of late on a Win7 laptop and am also developing an update to the PtronGUI for Reborn. A few notes...

In the certificate generator, two labels are flipped; the "O" and "ST" should be switched with each other.

I know you're probably using the program without textures, which is why there aren't any textures assigned to the new dialogs and buttons? Wink If I might suggest...

1. "Certificate Generation and Installation" button under HTTPS config tab - needs the "Button" background;

2. "Existing Certificate" alert dialog - a "Face Two" background, the Proxomitron's icon instead of the alert icon, and the "Button" background on the button;

3. "Generate Certificate" dialog - either a "Face One" or "Face Two" background, and the "Button" background for the button.

I'd also suggest giving the "Existing Certificate" alert it's own resource dialog, too, for language conversion purposes.

On another note, I'm getting certificate errors on sites with Proxomitron that I don't get when bypassed. The error occurs on "" sites, where the certificate Proxomitron is generating is apparently for "" without the www. This doesn't seem to happen on sites like "". I can usually tell the browser to ignore it and go on (which adds the Proxomitron cert for it in the browser), but for some sites like "", the browser (Firefox) won't allow me to do that. I hunted around the threads and didn't see anything about this, but perhaps I just missed it.

I hope that's understandable, anyway.

It's been so quiet, I also hope all is well with everyone here?

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Sep. 29, 2020, 08:25 AM
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RE: Proxomitron Reborn
Aha! I was playing around sometime back with the command prefix and had last set it to "www." to do some more testing, and then got busy and forgot all about it. Guess what? It was that command prefix that was causing the certificate errors at "" sites, I kid you not. I reset that puppy back to my standard command prefix, and now it's all good.

Well, at least we learned something: Don't use a command prefix that might be confused with an actual subdom name. Sheesh.
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Mar. 22, 2021, 07:33 PM (This post was last modified: Mar. 23, 2021 02:48 AM by cscat.)
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RE: Proxomitron Reborn
Hi @amy, very impressive work. Thanks for Proxo Reborn!

I am very much interested in the methodologies and tools that you used to undertake this project. There are a couple of Windows applications that I'd love to understand how they work and re-implement them / have them re-implemented. The apps I'm interested in are written in Embarcadero / Borland Pascal and I know Proxo is written in VSC++ but still the fundamentals should be similar. I think the community can benefit from the ways you did this, your thought-process etc... the "teaching how to fish" part! I'd appreciate if you can share with us Smile!

All the blessings
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Mar. 30, 2021, 02:22 AM (This post was last modified: Mar. 30, 2021 02:23 AM by amy.)
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RE: Proxomitron Reborn
It was pretty much just staring at the code in a disassembler while writing the equivalent in C, for about a year. Look up "reverse engineering" if you want to learn more... there's a lot to learn, more than could fit in a single post, and although I've been doing such work for decades, I would still consider myself far from expert.

To everyone else here: yes, I'm still alive, but very busy with other things. Proxomitron stuff is relatively low priority, unless of course I manage to find something that's blocking me in which case I will go ahead and fix it along with whatever else has built up here in the meantime.
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Apr. 01, 2021, 02:28 PM
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RE: Proxomitron Reborn
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