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RE: prox-config-sidki_2019-01-26b1
Just wanted to thank you for working on this filter set. I recently jumped back into getting Proxomitron working again after I found out there was a new version with bug fixes and was thrilled to see there was also this newer filter set to use as a base. I noticed however, there are a few things about this set I had to adjust to get it somewhat working for me.

1. If I don't edit the allowed ciphers box in the HTTPS tab of Proxomitron(Reborn) from 'SSLv2' to 'SSLv3', it does not pass SSL security checks properly.
2. If I don't disable the web page filter 'set flags if headers are bypassed' the bypass button function does not work. (seems to work fine if you disable that filter)
3. (this one I have yet to find a fix for) With the 'web page filters' checkbox active (even if none of them are actually selected within) some websites don't seem to load, or even start loading. When this function is completely disabled, everything loads fine. (as long as edits 1-2 above are done) I find it odd that if I enable the web filter function, but then during testing disable all the actual filters inside, the pages still won't load. Perhaps it's a ptext filtering file doing something, but it does it even if there are not any filters active in there to call one... I don't have a clue.

Anyways, beyond adding the linked 'URL-Parser.ptxt' update file in another post above, and making edits 1-2 mentioned, I have done nothing else to this filter set. Hopefully it's safe with those edits (security scanners seem to think it is anyways... but it's still loading the SSL ciphers out of order and mixing in the weak ones before some of the good ones). As it is now, I can only use the header filtering (because of issue 3 above).

For reference I am using Proxomitron Reborn, using SSL files v1.0.1q, newest 'certs.pem' (renamed / from Firefox), zLib v1.2.8.1, and 'msvcr70.dll' dated Jan 5 2002.

Really appreciate the work being done on this... and I know my post is way after the fact and said work may in fact be dead now... but I hope it isn't.
We really need to get a fully fixed up Proxomitron Reborn pack with updated DLLs and a proper filter set included all zipped and ready to share somewhere. Getting this thing to function properly, though fun, can be a real job indeed! Big Teeth

EDIT: Just did some late night testing and fixed a few issues by simply deleting the 'zlib.dll' file. Proxomitron Reborn doesn't seem to need it and when it's in there some pages won't load. With it gone, everything also seems to load faster. I also deleted the 'msvcr70.dll' file as that is apparently not required by anything but the original Proxomitron exe. ... Only drawback I see so far with the zlib file gone is the prox menu and information overlay stuff vanished. (small price to pay for the page actually loading tho) I'll have to play around with it more tomorrow and see if I can fix the remaining problems. (but hey, at least now I can enable the web page filtering stuff) :P

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