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Download WAP-games for mobile phone
Mar. 27, 2004, 01:26 PM
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This Header Filter will fake a SonyEricsson T610 mobile phone. The goal of this is to be able to access WAP-sites with the Opera Browser to download games for the SonyEricsson T610 mobile phone. This Header Filter doesn't work with Internet Explorer because Internet Explorer doesn't support WAP-site browsing. Some sites check to see if you are using a mobile device and won't allow you to download a game through a normal browser. So you need to fake it and let your regular pc browser appear to be a mobile device.

- Click on the 'Headers' button.
- Go right to the bottom of the list and select one of the User-Agent rules.
- Press the 'Dupe' button and fill in the following:

HTTP Header: User-Agent: Fake SonyEricssonT610 (Out)
URL Match: <leave it blank>
Header Value Match: *
Replacement Text: SonyEricssonT610/R101

- Press OK. Select the 'Out' checkbox in front of the new rule.
- Apply and OK and make sure that the 'Outgoing Header Filters are enabled.

You can check your headers by looking at the log window. It should say 'User-Agent: Fake SonyEricssonT610 (Out)' now.

Some User-Agent strings are:

T300: SonyEricssonT300/R201
T310: SonyEricssonT310/R201
T610: SonyEricssonT610/R101

With this filter I have successfully downloaded Mophun games from If you know other WAP-sites where you can download Mophun or Java games using this filter, please let me know.
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Aug. 25, 2009, 09:31 AM
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RE: Download WAP-games for mobile phone
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