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Jun. 29, 2005, 01:11 AM
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- 100MB Webspace
- 300GB Traffic
- no ads!
- absolutely free!

I think they'll stop accepting new signups pretty soon, so better be quick! (if you want to of course)

Make sure you make a REALLY detailed paragraph on what your site is going to be about, what features it requires, what forum/PHP software you'll be using...
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Jul. 01, 2005, 04:20 AM
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Just because I'm a nice guy......

I investigated dhost, as I might need some more space soon. I checked out the News page, wherein I found these blurbs:
Quote:05.06.2005 downtime
24 hours downtime, kernel update failed
needed reinstall but no data is lost. sorry!

18.12.2004 downtime
I'm very sorry for the big downtime (the biggest so far).
I made a file check with wrong options so it corrupted the system
OS is reinstalled and many user files are lost as you may have noticed.
There's no way to get them back!
But the databases should all work, if not mail me or post at the forums
I hope you all aren't too angry, I can only say: sorry about that!

17.05.2004 SQL problems
mysql crashed and corrupted the privilegies of the users.
I had to re generate the user-privilegies
so every sql password has been set to the user password
so If you have problems with your script it's because of the changed pw.
you can change your SQL password at the login area.
sorry for this!
(According to the Federal Truth in Gossiping Act, I have to tell you that other blurbs were present, but they weren't about problems.)

Might be nice to make a backup just about every night, no? <_<

Other than that, thanks for the tip! :P


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Jul. 01, 2005, 04:30 AM
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You could add something to the index.php file of the forum that would back everything up at a certain time and save it to an ftp server or something. Or you can easily backup the mysql with PHP My Admin which is already installed for you.

Login with your mysql username and password.

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