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Stops filtering
Feb. 04, 2006, 02:18 PM (This post was last modified: Feb. 24, 2006 11:29 AM by mozerd.)
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Stops filtering
As of today -- February 4 2006 -- my Proxo -- using either of sidki's configs [sidki_2005-06-09.ptron or sidki_2006-01-09.ptron] is ineffective in blocking a huge host of crap from*

Anybody know what new tricks lycos may be using to successfully bypass my Proxo? Banging Head

[edit] OOPS -- sorry --- LOOKS like something happened to my Proxo engine. I deleted it then I re-installed Proxo with sidki's latest [sidki_2006-01-09.ptron beta] re-inserted my bypass list and --- everything is back to normal. Not sure why I had to do this but it is apparent that somehow my prior installation of proxo became corrupted I suspect. What clued me into this possible corruption is that many other sites I visit TODAY also were displaying their crap ? so stating fresh was my alternative to see if that would solve the issue ? and it did.
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Feb. 20, 2006, 04:19 PM
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OK I am having problems with the Prox.

I have now re-installed it 5 times over the last month and each time it works until I reboot the computer [WinXP Pro/SP2] then the Prox just stops filtering.

I have reverted to my old standby for add blockers called AddSubtractPro [Intermute] and that is working just fine BUT the Prox provides far more granularity of control and I would like to get back to using it.

Anyone experience this type of behavior? I'm thinking that it may be a winsock issue but then if that was the case AddSubtractPro would also exhibit the same type of behavior. I am hoping that someone here can provide me with some tips. Thanks.
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Feb. 24, 2006, 11:36 AM
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I may have found out why Proxo has stopped filtering -- it may have to do with a new Anti Spy ware application I recently installed called Defender [beta 2] .. this is the replacement application Microsoft initially called Microsoft AntiSpyware.

In Defender I have not as yet found an option that allows Programs like Proxo to run. Anyone here use Defender and Proxo successfully?
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Feb. 27, 2006, 12:18 PM
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Apparently it not Defender. Apparently the issue is somehow tied into port 8080 .. and I'm not sure why ???
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Mar. 03, 2006, 01:52 PM
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This issue has me currently stumped. What bothers me is that AddSubtract Pro {interMute] does work on all my WinXP Pro/SP2 fully patched systems.

So why would the Proxomitron fail to work?

I did some work on this. I did a fresh install of WinXP/PRO/SP2 but did not allow any of the Microsoft security updates to load. I then installed the Proxomitron and it worked perfectly.

Then I proceeded to allow Windows Update to go ahead with the security updates -- 41 updates in total and in succession -- after the system rebooted the Proxomitron failed to work; so obviously one of those updates is messing up how the Proxomitron is redirecting traffic at whatever Port I use --- I tried port 8080, 8082, 4444. OK so I remove the Proxomitron, disable the proxy settings in IE reboot the computer and then install AddSubtract Pro and it works without issues. This is really annoying. Shame Banging Head
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Mar. 03, 2006, 02:04 PM
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just how many programs do you have installed that listen in on port 80?
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Mar. 03, 2006, 03:47 PM
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Outside of IE and the Proxy server the only other apps that may hit port 80 is Spy Sweeper and eTrust EZ-AntiVirus.

OK Here is a TCPview which is similar to doing a NETSTAT -ANO except that TCPview actually shows the name of the application and the port:

Port      Protocol      Local address         Remote Address          State
[System Process]:0          TCP          stat1:1135          localhost:1710          TIME_WAIT          
[System Process]:0          TCP          stat1:1135          localhost:1662          TIME_WAIT          
[System Process]:0          TCP          stat1:1135          localhost:1727          TIME_WAIT          
[System Process]:0          TCP          stat1:1135          localhost:1645          TIME_WAIT          
[System Process]:0          TCP          stat1:1135          localhost:1728          TIME_WAIT          
[System Process]:0          TCP          stat1:1135          localhost:1712          TIME_WAIT          
[System Process]:0          TCP          stat1:1135          localhost:1696          TIME_WAIT          
[System Process]:0          TCP          stat1:1135          localhost:1709          TIME_WAIT          
[System Process]:0          TCP          stat1:1135          localhost:1725          TIME_WAIT          
[System Process]:0          TCP          stat1:1135          localhost:1665          TIME_WAIT          
[System Process]:0          TCP          stat1:1135          localhost:1649          TIME_WAIT          
[System Process]:0          TCP          stat1:1135          localhost:1697          TIME_WAIT          
[System Process]:0          TCP          stat1:1135          localhost:1713          TIME_WAIT          
[System Process]:0          TCP          stat1:1135          localhost:1647          TIME_WAIT          
[System Process]:0          TCP          stat1:1135          localhost:1692          TIME_WAIT          
[System Process]:0          TCP          stat1:1135          localhost:1693          TIME_WAIT          
[System Process]:0          TCP          stat1:1135          localhost:1715          TIME_WAIT          
[System Process]:0          TCP          stat1:1135          localhost:1651          TIME_WAIT          
[System Process]:0          TCP          stat1:1135          localhost:1667          TIME_WAIT          
[System Process]:0          TCP          stat1:1135          localhost:1659          TIME_WAIT          
[System Process]:0          TCP          stat1:1135          localhost:1684          TIME_WAIT          
[System Process]:0          TCP          stat1:1135          localhost:1716          TIME_WAIT          
[System Process]:0          TCP          stat1:1135          localhost:1653          TIME_WAIT          
[System Process]:0          TCP          stat1:1135          localhost:1669          TIME_WAIT          
[System Process]:0          TCP          stat1:1135          localhost:1654          TIME_WAIT          
[System Process]:0          TCP          stat1:1135          localhost:1686          TIME_WAIT          
[System Process]:0          TCP          stat1:1135          localhost:1702          TIME_WAIT          
[System Process]:0          TCP          stat1:1135          localhost:1670          TIME_WAIT          
[System Process]:0          TCP          stat1:1135          localhost:1643          TIME_WAIT          
[System Process]:0          TCP          stat1:1135          localhost:1706          TIME_WAIT          
[System Process]:0          TCP          stat1:1135          localhost:1639          TIME_WAIT          
[System Process]:0          TCP          stat1:1135          localhost:1687          TIME_WAIT          
[System Process]:0          TCP          stat1:1135          localhost:1720          TIME_WAIT          
[System Process]:0          TCP          stat1:1135          localhost:1704          TIME_WAIT          
[System Process]:0          TCP          stat1:1135          localhost:1690          TIME_WAIT          
[System Process]:0          TCP          stat1:1135          localhost:1657          TIME_WAIT          
[System Process]:0          TCP          stat1:1135          localhost:1641          TIME_WAIT          
[System Process]:0          TCP          stat1:1135          localhost:1705          TIME_WAIT          
[System Process]:0          TCP          stat1:1660          localhost:1135          TIME_WAIT          
[System Process]:0          TCP          stat1:1699          localhost:1135          TIME_WAIT          
[System Process]:0          TCP          stat1:1652          TIME_WAIT          
[System Process]:0          TCP          stat1:1655          TIME_WAIT          
[System Process]:0          TCP          stat1:1656          TIME_WAIT          
[System Process]:0          TCP          stat1:1658          TIME_WAIT          
[System Process]:0          TCP          stat1:1661          TIME_WAIT          
[System Process]:0          TCP          stat1:1663          TIME_WAIT          
[System Process]:0          TCP          stat1:1664          TIME_WAIT          
[System Process]:0          TCP          stat1:1666          TIME_WAIT          
[System Process]:0          TCP          stat1:1668          TIME_WAIT          
[System Process]:0          TCP          stat1:1671          TIME_WAIT          
[System Process]:0          TCP          stat1:1672          TIME_WAIT          
[System Process]:0          TCP          stat1:1677          TIME_WAIT          
[System Process]:0          TCP          stat1:1701          TIME_WAIT          
AdSub.exe:920          TCP          stat1:1135          stat1:0          LISTENING          
AdSub.exe:920          TCP          stat1:1135          localhost:1721          ESTABLISHED          
AdSub.exe:920          TCP          stat1:pptp          ESTABLISHED          
AdSub.exe:920          TCP          stat1:1135          localhost:1563          FIN_WAIT2          
alg.exe:1872          TCP          stat1:1029          stat1:0          LISTENING          
CAVTray.exe:1260          TCP          stat1:1030          localhost:1026          ESTABLISHED          
CAVTray.exe:1260          TCP          stat1:1034          localhost:1025          ESTABLISHED          
DkService.exe:1264          TCP          stat1:31038          stat1:0          LISTENING          
IEXPLORE.EXE:1336          TCP          stat1:1561          localhost:1135          CLOSE_WAIT          
IEXPLORE.EXE:1336          TCP          stat1:1563          localhost:1135          CLOSE_WAIT          
IEXPLORE.EXE:1336          UDP          stat1:1369          *:*                    
IEXPLORE.EXE:3664          TCP          stat1:1721          localhost:1135          ESTABLISHED          
IEXPLORE.EXE:3664          UDP          stat1:1180          *:*                    
iSafe.exe:1228          TCP          stat1:1025          stat1:0          LISTENING          
iSafe.exe:1228          TCP          stat1:1026          stat1:0          LISTENING          
iSafe.exe:1228          TCP          stat1:1025          localhost:1034          ESTABLISHED          
iSafe.exe:1228          TCP          stat1:1025          localhost:1027          ESTABLISHED          
iSafe.exe:1228          TCP          stat1:1025          localhost:1051          ESTABLISHED          
iSafe.exe:1228          TCP          stat1:1026          localhost:1028          ESTABLISHED          
iSafe.exe:1228          TCP          stat1:1026          localhost:1030          ESTABLISHED          
lsass.exe:580          UDP          stat1:isakmp          *:*                    
lsass.exe:580          UDP          stat1:4500          *:*                    
MailWasher.exe:1408          TCP          stat1:1051          localhost:1025          ESTABLISHED          
mysqld-nt.exe:1304          TCP          stat1:3306          stat1:0          LISTENING          
svchost.exe:808          TCP          stat1:epmap          stat1:0          LISTENING          
svchost.exe:876          UDP          stat1:ntp          *:*                    
svchost.exe:876          UDP          stat1:ntp          *:*                    
svchost.exe:992          UDP          stat1:1900          *:*                    
svchost.exe:992          UDP          stat1:1900          *:*                    
System:4          TCP          stat1:microsoft-ds          stat1:0          LISTENING          
System:4          TCP          stat1:netbios-ssn          stat1:0          LISTENING          
System:4          UDP          stat1:microsoft-ds          *:*                    
System:4          UDP          stat1:netbios-ns          *:*                    
System:4          UDP          stat1:netbios-dgm          *:*                    
VetMsg.exe:1680          TCP          stat1:1027          localhost:1025          ESTABLISHED          
VetMsg.exe:1680          TCP          stat1:1028          localhost:1026          ESTABLISHED
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Mar. 03, 2006, 04:13 PM
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Soory about the mess above Smile!
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Mar. 03, 2006, 05:32 PM
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now, can we get the TCPview for when you are running Proxo and with AdSubtract turned "off"?

just curious to see that if AdSub is truly "off" when Proxo is running...
or if AdSub is still intercepting port activity via some system level "service"...

ps - does eTrust AntiVirus need to be told to "trust" Proxo?
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Mar. 03, 2006, 10:22 PM
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ProxRocks Wrote:now, can we get the TCPview for when you are running Proxo and with AdSubtract turned "off"?

just curious to see that if AdSub is truly "off" when Proxo is running...
or if AdSub is still intercepting port activity via some system level "service"...

ps - does eTrust AntiVirus need to be told to "trust" Proxo?
eTrust AntiVirus does not need to be told.

And when I run the Proxomitron as my Proxy server. I actually un-install AddSubtract Pro. I do not run both proxy applications at the same time.

TCPview [by SystemInternals] shows the following stats when using the Proxomitron on startup.
TCPview [by SystemInternals] shows the following stats when using the Proxomitron on startup.

               Port      Protocol       Local address       Remote Address           State
[System Process]:0          TCP          sta1:1030          localhost:1025          TIME_WAIT
[System Process]:0          TCP          sta1:1031          localhost:1025          TIME_WAIT
[System Process]:0          TCP          sta1:1032          localhost:1025          TIME_WAIT
[System Process]:0          TCP          sta1:1040          localhost:1025          TIME_WAIT
[System Process]:0          TCP          sta1:1041          localhost:1025          TIME_WAIT
[System Process]:0          TCP          sta1:1046          localhost:1025          TIME_WAIT
[System Process]:0          TCP          sta1:1053          localhost:1049          TIME_WAIT
[System Process]:0          TCP          sta1:1054          localhost:1048          TIME_WAIT
[System Process]:0          TCP          sta1:1060          localhost:1025          TIME_WAIT
[System Process]:0          TCP          sta1:1064          localhost:1025          TIME_WAIT
[System Process]:0          TCP          sta1:1072          localhost:1025          TIME_WAIT
[System Process]:0          TCP          sta1:1073          localhost:1025          TIME_WAIT
[System Process]:0          TCP          sta1:1074          localhost:1025          TIME_WAIT
alg.exe         :1416       TCP          sta1:1037          sta1:0                  LISTENING
CAVTray.exe     :1904       TCP          sta1:1029          localhost:1026          ESTABLISHED          
CAVTray.exe     :1904       TCP          sta1:1033          localhost:1025          ESTABLISHED
DkService.exe   :1276       TCP          sta1:31038         sta1:0                  LISTENING
iSafe.exe       :1208       TCP          sta1:1025          sta1:0                  LISTENING
iSafe.exe       :1208       TCP          sta1:1026          sta1:0                  LISTENING
iSafe.exe       :1208       TCP          sta1:1025          localhost:1027          ESTABLISHED
iSafe.exe       :1208       TCP          sta1:1025          localhost:1052          ESTABLISHED
iSafe.exe       :1208       TCP          sta1:1025          localhost:1033          ESTABLISHED
iSafe.exe       :1208       TCP          sta1:1026          localhost:1029          ESTABLISHED
iSafe.exe       :1208       TCP          sta1:1026          localhost:1028          ESTABLISHED
lsass.exe       :580        UDP          sta1:4500          *:*                    
lsass.exe       :580        UDP          sta1:isakmp        *:*                    
MailWasher.exe  :376        TCP          sta1:1052          localhost:1025          ESTABLISHED
mysqld-nt.exe   :1316       TCP          sta1:3306          sta1:0                  LISTENING
Proxomitron.exe :212        TCP          sta1:8080          sta1:0                  LISTENING
Proxomitron.exe :212        TCP          sta1:1067  ESTABLISHED
Proxomitron.exe :212        TCP          sta1:1069          CLOSE_WAIT
Proxomitron.exe :212        TCP          sta1:1071  CLOSE_WAIT
svchost.exe     :812        TCP          sta1:epmap         sta1:0                                 LISTENING
svchost.exe     :880        UDP          sta1:ntp           *:*                    
svchost.exe     :880        UDP          sta1:ntp           *:*                    
svchost.exe     :960        UDP          sta1:1900          *:*                    
svchost.exe     :960        UDP          sta1:1900          *:*                    
System          :4          TCP          sta1:microsoft-ds  sta1:0                                  LISTENING
System          :4          TCP          sta1:netbios-ssn   sta1:0                                  LISTENING
System          :4          UDP          sta1:microsoft-ds  *:*                    
System          :4          UDP          sta1:netbios-dgm   *:*                    
System          :4          UDP          sta1:netbios-ns    *:*                    
Tcpview.exe     :3448       UDP          sta1:1075          *:*                    
VetMsg.exe      :2008       TCP          sta1:1027          localhost:1025                          ESTABLISHED
VetMsg.exe      :2008       TCP          sta1:1028          localhost:1026                          ESTABLISHED
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Mar. 03, 2006, 10:30 PM
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hmm, everything seems "normal"...

did Proxo "stop filtering" with that startup?
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Mar. 03, 2006, 10:34 PM
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ProxRocks Wrote:hmm, everything seems "normal"...

did Proxo "stop filtering" with that startup?
Yes, the Proxo "stops filtering" with that startup Banging Head
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Mar. 03, 2006, 11:14 PM
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are you running through any routers or hardware firewalls that is showing any "connection time out" errors?
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Mar. 03, 2006, 11:19 PM
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ProxRocks Wrote:are you running through any routers or hardware firewalls that is showing any "connection time out" errors?
Yes, I am using a ZyWALL 5 hardware Firewall and in checking the logs no time out errors.
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Mar. 04, 2006, 12:52 AM
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guess i'm stumped...

over the past three days, i've put Proxo on six different XP (four Pro's, two Home's) SP2 fully-patched systems and all are running seemlessly...

doesn't mean that your situation isn't OS-related, but i simply cannot confirm that it is either...
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