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JakxPack IV download
Mar. 06, 2004, 08:27 AM
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JakxPack IV download
Download here:


Hi "Proxo-Friends",
Well here is a beta version of "JakxPack IV" I call it Jak & Jill's Pack! I really apprecaite "Jill's" patience while I worked on this new version. "THANKX JILL"!

The filters in this set do simply this, they choose Header values at random and make them site specific! So there is no over-lapping of values from URL to URL.
They look more like Normal Web Traffic.

I hope that You enjoy trying them out, and as always I apprecaite all feed-back both good and bad. So feel free to offer any & all "hints and tips" to improve them.

This version also includes an autoexec.file for refreshing the "Jakx_Session_Only_List" folder. and I always include some new filters for other Out-put Headers. I've included two for Your inspection.

Oh, One more thing! Because this filter set incorporates some different principles than my other sets, Please Read the "Things to do First"! Help file I've included. There are some things to do besides "Merge" the filters into Proxo! But I think this is the "best Filter Set" I've turned out Yet! And I hope that You think so too!

Please do a scan on the downloads before You install them. It's always a good practice.
Take Care, Safe-Surfin' & have a Great & Wonderful After-noon,
Best Wishes,
"~Jak~" =:-)

"Files have been Updated"

Best Wishes,
"~JaK~" Smile!
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Mar. 06, 2004, 08:42 AM
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Thank you for this update! Works perfectly!

Little note:

Quote:(4b).If You don't see a green arrow at the top, on Proxo's main
Dialog box click "Configure", the "Startup" tab and tick the box that says, "Program or URL to run when Proxomitron starts". Now CLick "FIND" and search for the autoexec.bat file named "Proxo.cmd". Now click "OK", and save the changes in Proxo. Now everytime Proxo is started Your Lists will be ready to append URLs to JakxPack VI values.

I recommend entering Proxo.cmd.bat, since I am receiving an error when I enter Proxo.cmd.

Is it meant to not rotate the spoofed info lists as much as version III did? :o

Also, I recommend deleting all traces of Jakx's Pack before merging version 5b Eyes Closed Smile

Some "bugs":

-the UserAgent and HTTP VIA SOMETIMES appear as 01, 1, 6 or 7, or some number. (Tested on
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Mar. 06, 2004, 09:39 AM
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Thankx "Kye-U". Smile!

I have made the necesary changes, and re-uploaded the files above.

Yes, the rotation will be "site specific", but the values will be "chosen at random and locked" for the specific URL and because of the "bat." file the next time You visit the site a different set of values with be chosen. It looks more "normal" than to have the entries rotating at every connection, or as time as the determining factor.

I've "fixed" two of the lists/filters"

Thankx for the feed-back,
Best Wishes
~"Jak~" Wink

The Via Filter & the CLient-IP has been fixed now. I've went back to a more stable blockfile. Its seems that the "DTM" filters are not as stable as configuring the the blockfiles for line scanned per connection. So I went back to the older block file list that I used in JakxPack III. I haven't had any problems with the X-forwarded-for nor the Client-IP filter so far. Just keep me posted if any of You are having trouble with the filters failing to call to the lists.

Best wishes, and I thank all of You for the feedback, Smile!
"~Jak~" Smile!
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Mar. 06, 2004, 07:24 PM
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Thank you for the speedy update!

Working great now Eyes Closed Smile
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Mar. 06, 2004, 10:57 PM
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No Problem "Kye-U"! Smile!
I hope that You don't have anymore trouble out of tjemfilters.
Have a Great & Wondful Day,
"~jak~" Smile!
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Mar. 07, 2004, 07:04 AM
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Quote:"Files have been Updated"
Best Wishes,

Attached File ( Number of downloads: 4 )

I thought we were only on number 4? Big Teeth. Thanx for the filters Jak. All hail Jak.Hail

How 'bout you sideburns, you want some of this milk?
This fading text is pretty cool, eh? I bet you wish you had some.
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Mar. 07, 2004, 03:09 PM
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Thankx "Shea". Smile! LOL! I got in such a hurry to get the bugs fixed I didn't pay attention to the version number! HAHAHAHAHA! I started to change it and then I said "nawwwww", . .it's good for a laugh, and sometimes we all need a good chuckle! And I can enjoy laughing at My self just as much and as anybody else! Big Teeth

Is everything working out on Your end with this new pack? I think the timing of the filters was where the problem was with the first set I uploaded. Or it could have been over loading with the extra long Matching text. I know that "Guru" had mentioned that the "$DTM" filters worked better with blocklists of a 1000 entries. I not sure, but as I keep adding entries to the list I will try to see how stable they when I reach a 1000 entries. Also it could be where the "Jakx_Session_Only_list" & the "Jakx_Lists_Rejuvenator" list is in C:\ drive instead of the Proxo folder. Since the filters call to the lists on a time basis instead of a connection basis, maybe they would have worked better if I had set the path for the Proxo folder, but the problem there is that not everybody is using the same O/S and so the path would be different and the autoexec.bat file would have to be edited for each different version of "Windoze". I will keep searching to find out why the worked intermetiantly.

But as of now they seem to be working, the Via filter and List, the CLient-IP filter and list have been redone according to the older format. But if You will noticed even though those two are on a different format the "entries" are still picked at random. If You study the lists of those two filters the one is scanned per (1) connection and the other is scanned per every (2) connections and because of the different number of entries in the lists, they will be staggered after the filters get to the bottom of the lists and cycle back to the top again.

Well, Please let Me know if there is any other problem that shows up with the filter set. Something I have discovered using this set is You can look into the "Jakx_Session_Only_list" and see if Your browser is "phoneing Home" to some site. Because the connection will be "logged" there. Smile!

Well You "Guys" Take Care and I'll be back later, Have a Great & Wonderful Day to "one & all"! Cheers

Best Wishes,
"~JaK~" [smoke]
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Mar. 07, 2004, 08:38 PM
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Hi Jak,

Great work. The log file shows that your new creation is a blockbuster. I have been using it for the past hour with no problem. I love the faking of the server information.

Two observations though.
1. No information is being logged in the files in neither the Rejuvenator nor the Session_Only folders on the "C:\" drive. How can I get that to work?
2. Clicking the green arrow deletes the files in the Session_Only folder which remains empty unless I copy the files into them again. Is this how it is supposed to work?

Despite these two observations the set works like a charm. It holds the spoofed header info on a per site basis and changes it on the restart of Proxo. No more manual deleting or rebooting.

Thanks Jak

gorgan Cheers
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Mar. 07, 2004, 10:32 PM
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Why in H-E double hockey stick can I NOT get the file to download???

encrypted explitives follow - !@%$#!%$#!%!$%@%#^@#$%!#%

okay, i feel better now...
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Mar. 07, 2004, 10:36 PM
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ProxRocks Wrote:encrypted explitives follow - !@%$#!%$#!%!$%@%#^@#$%!#...
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Mar. 07, 2004, 11:13 PM
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Please, will somebody kindly place the latest JakxPack on Computer Cops...

On fully patched IE6 and fully pathced Win XP Home - I *cannot* get to the download...
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Mar. 07, 2004, 11:30 PM
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Mar. 07, 2004, 11:37 PM
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Tnx a mil...
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Mar. 08, 2004, 03:13 AM
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Hi "Guys",
Glad to see everything is "holding up" this time around. Smile! " Gorgan" after that You load a page, right click on Proxo and look at blockfile list of the Session only list, like the "session-via." list. Do You see anything written in it? There should be the site's URL and appended to it some value from the "ViaIV" list. All the "Session"-type list in the "Jakx_Session_Only_list" are kinda like the "temporary Storage" holding tank for all the JakxPackIV headers. In order for the filters to work they have to be writing the values somewhere in order for Proxo to make the values "site specific".

Here is how that I had hoped that it would work.

(1). Each filter in this version has it's own temporary storage list located in the folder named "Jakx_Session_Only_list". There are also duplicates of those in the "Jakx_Lists_Rejuvenator" list. Both are blank without any kind of entries in them. The "Jakx_Lists_Rejuvenator" list have read-only attributes and cannot be written to. When You surf to a site the Filters "grab" the URL and it appends it to whichever Header that the filter is designed for. Now the filters Log the "appended URL" into it's own list in the "Jakx_Session_Only_lists" folder. Now everytime Your browser "sees" that same URL, those appended values that "stored" in the session-only lists are sent by Proxo to the server. That's why they are "Site Specific". Smile!

(2). Now everytime Proxo is restarted, the autoexec.bat file "Copys" all the "BLANK" Lists in the "Jakx_Lists_Rejuvenator" list" and then "overwrites" all the lists in the "Jakx_Session_Only_list". This actually "replaces" all the lists and thereby "cleaning out" any & all the OLD Appended URLS in it so that PRoxo is ready surf back to the same site. Only this time there will be a new set of Header choosen and logged to be used for that site.

If there are no Appended URLs in the "Jakx_Session_Only_list", Proxo may still be writing them in Your "index.dat" file. I remember that You were trying that out back when we first started working on the Problem of having Proxo automatically delete the "appended URLs".

"Gorgan" look in PRoxo's Log window, do You see "Session-Via", Session-Client-IP", . .etc. being logged? If You see them then the filters are writting and reading from those lists.
If there aren't any entries being written to the lists in "Jakx_Session_Only_list", You can manually set the path from each filter to the lists in that folder. Here's how.

(1). Click on Proxo's systray Icon and when the main dialog box pops up, click the "Configure" button and when the next box pops up click on the "Blockfile" tab.

(2). Click the "Add" tab, now browser around for the folder "Jakx_Session_Only_list" with that "Choose a Blockfile file" dialog box.

(3). Next click on that folder and click on one of the session-lists. When the name of the list appears in the first command line in that box, click the "Open" to Your right and then type the name of that session-list. The name "must" be typed "EXACTLY", case sensitive. Then click "Ok" and save the changes in Proxo. You have to manually add "all" the lists in that folder. This sets the path from the Filter to the lists. And with all of the lists in that folder it will take alittle time to set the paths for the filters. Remember You shouldn't change anything in the lists in the other folder("Jakx_Lists_Rejuvenator") since these are only used for replacement lists and they need to be blank. Anything in those lists will be copied to the Session Only lists. Smile!

Please let Me know how it turns out.
Have a Great & Wonderful Evening,
Best Wishes,
"~JaK~" =:-)

PS: "I would like to personally thank You all for Your input and help putting this Set together. All of "Us" are awhole lot better, and anyone of us alone"!
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Mar. 08, 2004, 04:45 AM
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Hi "PRoxo-Friends",
Here is an updated "ClientIP" list. I've found a "miscalculation" in the ClientIP list. Sorry. Sad What the syptom is, is that the ClientIP filter will stop scanning about half-way down the list. :o

Just download the update and unzip it into Your Proxo lists folder and let it over-write the ClientIP list and that should do it.

I will keep You posted as to anyother updates.

Best Wishes,
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