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Sidki Config Pack Sept. 3rd, 2006
Sep. 08, 2006, 06:15 AM
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Sidki Config Pack Sept. 3rd, 2006

Quote:September 3rd 2006
User Options, Interface, Help:
Added switch for Advanced Mode, "Sel. Mouse Events to Buttons" (see
comment inside filter for details). Generally, Advanced Mode got
tighter, while Normal Mode got a bit laxer.

Third Party iFrames aren't blocked anymore but converted to toggles:
You can load an individual frame inline or in the top window, or
load/unload all frames at once. Also note the "iFrame Toggle: Extend
to Onsite URLs" config switch.

"setTimeout" timers are now allowed for the first 5-15 seconds after
page load. Then the usual timer button will appear, unless you click
on the page within that time.
This fixes problems with popular Web2 sites like netvibes, protopage,, and allows you to override interception in cases where the
timer button can't be displayed (e.g.

"AdKeys-S" can now optionally replace removed tags with dummy blocks
(see header comment for details).

You can send any user-agent string via IncludeExclude-U. However, in
most cases you may want to stick to the usual, ready-made fake strings
(see respective list section for details).

Both, the general and the user IncludeExclude list use the same format
now. If you want to add entries from your old IncludeExclude-U.ptxt,
please replace
"$SET(keyword=$GET(keyword)" with "$SET(0=", and
"$SET(flag=$GET(flag)" with "$SET(1=", respectively.

Finished help file for Proxomitron menu (Prox_Menu.txt).
Added "Window Handling" and "Ads" sections to documentation of Config
Control options (Config_Control.txt).

Proxomitron Menu:
"Toggle 'xxx' CSS" (and Style Selector) enabled for Opera 9 too.

"Show 'xxx' Script(s)": Rewritten to work in IE and Opera as well,
and to also show blocked inline and external scripts (labeled as
"Blocked"). Make sure to read the respective section in Prox_Menu.txt
if you intend to use this.

"JS Variables" and "Classes & IDs" don't show Proxomitron's own
additions anymore, unless while in Debug Mode.

Script Blocking:
Two new filters that check incoming scripts for signatures of popular
tracking companies, block them on match, and insert dummy functions if
needed to keep the main document parsed correctly.

New list "AdPaths-J" that contains common paths of external tracking
scripts, again inserting dummy functions if need be.

Added extra routines to "Remove: Ad Scripts - Noscript", killing
script groups with noscript blocks that contain either webbugs or
off-domain iframes.

"AdKeys" split into "AdKeys" and "AdKeys-J", latter containing keywords
just used in scripts.

You can block JS functions per site and name via IncludeExclude-U.

"Block: Third Party Scripts" updated and reintroduced (upon request -
off by default).

Please don't modify the "BypassURL" entry in Proxomitron's settings,
as most of above would probably break.
There's a new bottom flyover, "js in", showing info about blocked
incoming scripts, if any.

Each browser gets its own secondary CSS, this should also help
keeping Opera 9's new error console clean from Prox entries.

Flash toggler rewritten to catch most (but not all) recently appearing
scripted Flash. The left "Toggle" part should always work, while the
right "Flash" part will now load "about:blank" in cases where the Flash
URL can't be extracted.

Proxomitron script rewritten, in order to keep Prox variables out of
the top namespace and remove bottlenecks (like "eval").

Filters and script modified to better work with strict XHTML, as well
as delayed loading of page content (AJAX).

Tightened filtering of cookie content (see CookieValues list).

AdHosts/AdDomains synced with pgl's Hosts file. Remaining ad lists
updated and verified.

Various bugfixes and improvements.

TUOP Mirror:

Thanks Sidki! Big Teeth
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