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Title: www.asianavenue.com
Post by: ckjnigel on March 07, 2002, 12:40:11 AM
I'm new.  
   I have found that the combination of WebWasher 3.2b3 (set to port 4444 or 8000) and Socks Ad Blocker (set for Socks 5 and port 1080) do an excellent job through my AOL dial-up connection. Sometimes I have to reload, invariably the member name button at far left on bottom nav bar is gone, and they seem to throw full page ads in my face, seemingly detecting I've not had my allotment of spam.  Needless to say, this is an almost exclusively IE site (I use ver 5.5 -- not that thing AOL ships!), though k-Meleon 0.6 gets most of it right.  (I can't make my fav Mozilla work there at all!)
    Whoever gets it right will be allowed to sign my guestbook with some self-aggrandizing HTML!

Nigel L

Title: www.asianavenue.com
Post by: cj. on March 07, 2002, 09:37:13 AM
Hmmmm... Are you questioning whether the proxomitron can rid of these nav bars?
Is this a Proxo question? When I go there the nav bars are completely eradicated with Proxo.

Title: www.asianavenue.com
Post by: ckjnigel on March 13, 2002, 10:35:14 PM
The missing nav bar is the problem ... I thought there could be some set of Proxo settings that would do what the combination of WebWasher & SAB accomplishes ... while keeping the nav bar (minus a member name at far left -- somehow connected to the Pager that everyone detests).  I assume that having Proxo do it would be much friendlier to system resources than two separate background programs!
I suspect this is one of the sites that AOL was referring to in a warning to web site developers about Mozilla/W3C compliance.

Nigel L