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Title: Jakx Ultimate Cyber Flip-off Referer Filters!
Post by: JakBeNymble on July 12, 2002, 04:26:21 AM
Hi "Proxo-Users",

                I just finished a project I had been working on for the last little bit. I've tested and it seems to work fine.

You know that the single secondary most tell-tale bit of information that those Nasty-Nosy Sites uses to track You all over the Net is the Referer. Or at least that's what I believe. How would You like to be able to automatically:

(1)."Allow" referers on trusted sites.

(2).Automatically have Proxo return the site's own URL as the referer as normal surfing.
(3). Automatically have rotating "Humourous Fake referers" on all the sites that You use a Remote Proxy for the connection.
(4). And Automatically Send the Ultimate Cyber Flip-OFF REFERER continuely to sites You want to get a message to? Did I hear somebody say, sites that have started using anti-adbuster code??

The first filter's replacment text come from My Friend SidKi3003. I believe in giving credit where credit is do.

WARNING: Do Not Click On the Replacement Text of the Third Filter in Mixed Company, with Small Children in the room, or with Your Sound turned up!!! The URL is For the Nasty Sites, not You! You have been WARNED!!
Out = TRUE
Key = "Referer:(out) "Jakx-Hide where we been Hangin' Out"(a)"
URL = "(^$LST(AllowReferer)|(^$LST(UseProxy)))"
Replace = "http://h"

Out = TRUE
Key = "Referer:(out) "Jakx-Rotating Fake Referers" (b)"
URL = "($LST(UseProxy)&(^$LST(AHoSites)))"
Match = "$LST(Referers)"
Replace = "1"

Out = TRUE
Key = "Referer:(out) "Jakx-Ultimate Cyber FLIP-OFF"(c)"
URL = "$LST(AHoSites)"
Replace = "*URL is in the Referer.zip file*"

Now You need ti make a list and name it "AHoSites" and put it in the Lists Folder in the Proxo dir. Now add the Following: ($LST(AHoSites))  to Your "UseRPA" List or the "UseProxy" list, which ever on that You use.

 I have renamed my "UseRPA" list, to "UseProxy" List. This is so I can try different configs out without having to overwrite my list. Just change the name in the Filters or the name of the UseRPA list, so that they have the same name is all that matters.

By adding ($LST(AHoSites)) to the "UseRPA" list, it allows You to add URLs once to the "AHoSites" Lists and at the same time it is automatically added to the "UseRPA" List. And this way by adding it to Your "AHoSites" list, not only  will  Proxo send that Special Referer to the site, but will also make sure that a Remote Proxy is used for the connection to that site. (I don't think I would want to send this URL to any site without using a Proxy).

And of course if You don't have an "AllowReferers" list You will have to make one of those also, and be sure to add the FORUM's URL to it or You will have trouble loggin on to the FORUM.

Now here is what happens, When You are surfing, Filter Number One makes sure that all sitesnot added to any of the lists, get their own URL for the referer.

When You surf to a site that You  have entered into the "AllowReferers" List, None of the Filters return true so that site gets a real referer.

Now when You surf to a site that You use a proxy for the connection, Filter Number Two will make sure that ALL those sites get is a one of 32 different Fake referers. Here are a few examples:


Now Any Site that You Enter into the AHoSites List, gets just exactly what the title says, The Ultimate Flip-off! No Joke! And as long as You are on that site this same Referer gets logged over and over again.

Here is the link for the Fake referer list and it contains the URL to be Placed in the Replacment text of the Third Filter: http://uploaded/JakBeNymble/20027125424_RefererList.zip  

Have a Delightful After-Noon My Friends,

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Title: Jakx Ultimate Cyber Flip-off Referer Filters!
Post by: Bes on July 12, 2002, 01:39:14 PM
Jak, these filter are just wonderfull
Lots of confused site-owners ahead

Referer : http://www.istuff.org/ndx-useless.html

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Title: Jakx Ultimate Cyber Flip-off Referer Filters!
Post by: JakBeNymble on July 12, 2002, 05:43:13 PM
Hi "Bes",

         LOL! I'm so glad that You are enjoying them! And thanks for the "Referer Link", I will add those sites to My "Referers" list.

You might want to Delete All the comments at the top of the Referer List. I know that PROXO is suppose to ignore anything after the "#" sign, But I think that it take time for Proxo to "Ignore" the comments and it may slow down the scanning of the list. I didn't kick in fast enough on one of the checker sites I was testing it on and an actual referer got through before the Filter kicked in.(I think in the Future I will add all my comments at the bottom of the page).

Also if somebody doesn't have the "UseProxy" Filter set up, its here http://asp.flaaten.dk/pforum/topic.asp?ARCHIVE=&TOPIC_ID=597 on the Site-Specific Folder. Not only do I have mine set up to automatically "Kick" in a Remote Proxy for the connection, but the Filter will also Rotate the Proxies in Your List! This means that for all those "Special Sites", that we all Know and Love, Your IP will automatically change according to however You set "Proxy rotation" in Proxo. The Details are in the Post above.

 If You have any Problems with them please let me know,Ok? As with any "Proxo-Filter Set", it's always a work in progress.

Please keep in Touch when You can, and I hope that You have a Great & Wonderful Day, My Friend!

PS. "And You know what "Bes", somehow I just knew that You would appreciate them! LOL!"

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Title: Jakx Ultimate Cyber Flip-off Referer Filters!
Post by: JakBeNymble on July 13, 2002, 03:39:55 AM
Hi "Proxo-Users",

                 I have now discovered why that sometimes when You go from "Allow Referers" to "Reflecting the Site's own URL" as the Referer, that the Real Referer is sent through. Of course it is the Number one Filter not "Kicking" in fast enough. It is because that the URL Match is too long. It's trying match two lists at the sametime and return "False". The only way to make it work faster is to take the Number One Filter and Make it into Two Filters instead. That way each Filter has only one List to match instead of two. If You pop-up the Proxo log-window, and watch as You click one of the example referers, the FORUM's URL is being sent to the example site for the first connection and then the Filter Kicks in. TOO SLOW!

Here is the Fix for it:

Out = TRUE
Key = "Referer:(out) "Jakx-Hide where we been Hangin' Out"(a1)"
URL = "(^$LST(AllowReferer))"
Replace = "http://h"

Out = TRUE
Key = "Referer:(out) "Jakx-Hide where we been Hangin' Out"(a2)"
URL = "(^$LST(UseProxy))"
Replace = "http://h"

After You have made the Number One Filter into the Two, check it out on the example referers. PROBLEM GONE!

The Other Two Filters seem to be working without a "hitch". Let me know if Anybody is having any other difficulties.

Have a Great & Wonderful Day,