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Title: news.yahoo.com
Post by: pooms on July 15, 2002, 06:30:52 AM
Yahoo has made changes to news.yahoo.com pages which happens
to make it easy to strip out a few advertisment sections.
This filter removes tables which contain certain key words:
ADVERTISEMENT which conviently marks a table of ads,
MTFSID which seems to always be part of a comment line inside
the table for the advertisement banner on the page, and
MTFAD:N:750x100 which catches some other banners that don't
have an MTFSID comment.

Name = "Kill news.yahoo.com advertisement tables"
Active = TRUE
URL = "(story.|)news.yahoo.com*"
Bounds = "$NEST(<table,</table>)"
Limit = 10000
Replace = "<!-- Yahoo 1 removed -->"

So far I haven't seen where this has removed any legitimate content.
Although it would on older-style yahoo pages such as sports.yahoo.com
and biz.yahoo.com if you used it on them (which is why I've been so
specific with the URL match)
Hopefully they are moving those other pages to this new format!!
I'm sure this filter will evolve, I've re-written it several times
since I started posting this
(and now editted it once since posting!)

Edited by - pooms on 15 Jul 2002  07:44:12