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Dear everyone,
       Post all your question on ZAP here! Anything you need about ZAP is here!!!! From links and updates on ZAP to question and answers. Here is the link to get ZAP


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Dear Everyone,
          Their are many diffrent ways to day how to be anonymous such as spoofer filters or Anonymous proxys, But Proxys  sometimes can be trickie some may let u use there proxy just to let them  hack into or use u in someway or fashion, Or they may say it is anonymous when it isn't. Just so u will get caught. We can stop this by using a checker and to stay anonymous by using a anonymus proxy. Here is a link  for a checker, Here is a link to some Anonymous proxys


Security - General / Firewalls! Firewalls! Firewalls!
« on: July 15, 2002, 05:15:22 AM »
Dear Everyone,
          In this topic you can find links, answers to all your question on Firewalls, you name it you got it. Basically u can find everything here about firewalls! There one of the second best in my opion of security programe there is!Here is a link to one of the best firewalls there


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Questions and Answers / Question on Proxomitron and Nero-Watch
« on: July 14, 2002, 04:58:46 AM »
Hi EveryOne,

            I have used Proxo for awhile now, but I am new to this forum.

Has anybody ever heard of a Program called Nero-watch?? I was told that it is  supposed to be a better Fire-wall Proggy than ZAP. And before that I try to download it to check it out, I was wondering if anyone knew if Proxomitron and Nero-watch are compatible? I don't want to create problems for myself when I don't have to.

Thankx in advance.


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