Author Topic: Arne: Proxomitron Zhen-Xjell Default.CFG 1.96 Beta  (Read 1953 times)


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Arne: Proxomitron Zhen-Xjell Default.CFG 1.96 Beta
« on: November 30, 2001, 11:17:23 PM »
Zhen-Xjell Configuration Files Changelog for use by Scott R. Lemmon's Proxomitron.

[2001.11.30] - Release 1.96 Beta

- Finished testing the new filters.  Please note the filter set for "Pre-Super-Opener" is still in beta by the author.  However, this filter set seems to be quite stable.


- Removed Web Filter: Open IE Links in Same Browser, same as Pop-Ups target="blank" filter.

- Added new filter set: 1) Head ~ Style - Pre-Super-Opener - Create id style (B), 2) Links - BETA 34i - SUPER-OPENER, and 3) Tags ~ Remove temporary proxomitron comment tags from this link:  Currently, the Pop-ups target="blank" filter needs to be disabled for this new filter set to work right.  Perhaps it is simply a positioning of the filters, which I haven't tried yet.  This filter set uses CSS to create a dotted box around the right edge of any link.  Clicking in that dotted red box over the hyperlink causes the link to open in a new browser window.  This filter set is in "beta" right now by the author.

- Updated "Convert Relative Path to Full URL" filter based on this post:

- Added another new filter set: 1)"Opt 1) TITLE - Snip Excess" and 2)"Opt 2) TITLE - Add Indicator, Snip Excess" from this post:

- Added another new filter from this post:, called "ECTaco On-line word translator".  The filter writes itself at the bottom of the web page.

- Added web filter: BASE16 to ASCII, from this post:  ListsNoCon.txt file and listname have been added.

- Un-Prefix filters (two of them) have been de-activated and are candidates for removal thanks to the following set of filter add-ins: - 1) "Multi URL Untangler" and 2) "Bypass redirects in links".  HTMLDirect.gif and HTMLDirect2.gif have been added.

- Removed all remote proxies that are not working properly.